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Sunday, September 30, 2007

My current hair cut and color.

So... up came the mood to start practising how to take pictures by myself.. took my sister's camera.. and started taking and taking and taking and taking
*snapp snapp snapp snapp**
****eyes blurrred****
this is the outcome. :)
thats me and my beanie, got my hair colored the other day. they had to remove my hair color twice before applying the brown.

i'm growing out my bangs...

me taking a picture with doris while she's busy putting up the blog about our place.

her and the laptop. and the dirty things lying around our floor. muahahahha~~

see why i need to grow my bangs out? pimples are getting baaaad. due to stress, weather change and the food i always eat.. but i'm going for a diet!! a detox maybe, or a revitalising process.. or wadever...

my pretty green nails.... nail polish is available from elianto (all over malaysia i know for sure) not in edmonton though.. boooo..
have not taken pictures like this for a loooooooong time.

my haircut..
another angle.. pretty much the same but shorter.. but if it was to be compared with my hairstyle last time. its a biiiig change.

messed up fried hair.

a sweeeeeeeeet photo to end the blog post. muahahahha~~~ this is shot # 300 (good enough? maybe not.. i need to learn how to photoshop)

Friday, September 28, 2007


i am extremely busy.
extremely tied up.
with school.
with classes.
with homework.
with reading.
with assignments.
with mid terms.
with work.
work. work. and more work.
its sad to announce that i had to return my laptop because it was defected.. and there's no more the same model that i LOVE so now i gotta wait. *sobs*
its sooooooo sad, postponed my purchase of ipod.
postponed almost everything!
i changed my phone cover though.
its GREEN... hehehehehe...
and my nails are green too...
and my hair is green too.. lols
im just kidding.. i colored my hair to an extremely warm brown.. and there's a lighter patch on my bangs.. near to blonde. but its not. i guess this is the nicest cut and colo so far that i experienced!
happy mooncake festival!
i totally forgot about that...
it's Fall now.. will be Winter soon..
omigosh omigosh.
hope it doesn't come that soon...
and i think this is the millionth time im saying this.. but....
i need to get on working! working out i mean...
need to start jumping into that mean cold pool to swim swim and swim some more!
my school's pool is ready to be used.. and im really really really really excited!
and if my friends are reading this.. will you guys please let me know where you're studying, what course you guys are doing, and how long is it gonna take you?
cos i'm planning to finish my year... in my first year bachelor of science. and go to toronto do to 18months of a dental hygiene program.. and then! i can go back to visit!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

i got what i want :D

i bought my laptop.
i bought a very pretty laptop.
i bought the laptop that i wanted.
my laptop is white!
i bought 2 pairs of shoes today.
they're so pretty.
they look the same.
they're different colors though.
i bought my laptop bag.
its BIG.
i can fit everything in it.

i remember how when i just came everything i saw i always said 'i want'

now i got what i want.

i want an ipod.
i want a camera.

im putting it in my wishlist.

teeeheee heeee...

did alOOOOOOOOOOt of shopping lately.

i am getting my hair colored again.

Monday, September 10, 2007

excitement no more.

my eyes are half wide opened. i can't imagine how it's going to be 3 weeks down the road. anyways... school has already started and its a great start its just that juggling 3 jobs is a lil difficult with a full load course. THERFORE, before anyone starts to nag, i've taken the smart solution which is to quit one of my jobs. Then i wouldn't be as tired as how I am right now.

So many things happened in so little time. My grandma passed away last week, and I didn't know what to do but to look for my sister. But then I found her friends instead, and we just ended up sitting in the cafeteria talking and waiting. Well now that she's resting peacefully, I would want to still go back to visit her. I miss my family alot too.

School isn't as tough as everyone told me it would be, but it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Chemistry is crazzzy.. its almost everything that i have in my notes from Dr. Lee, I better do well in that course or else I should kill myself. xo

So i am thinking, what else is new? besides living at our new place now, my new job is rolling on fine... Doris is getting a cellphone!! finally!! and we found new friends to hang out with :)

We went grocery shopping the day before school started and our fridge is well-stocked with loadsa loadsa food i'm wondering when we'll finish it. hahah!

so i guess all the excitement i had for school is gone now, it's time for me to brush up and focus! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

oh yeah btw btw btw! i bought two new jackets.. one's scottish printed and one's cashmere colored.. and they're beYoutiFull!!!!! :)