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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my love Shirley :)

and Happy Birthday Samantha :)

just came back from the country bar, I guess the country bar is fun after all. HAHAHAH~
*sweet dreams*

Friday, June 20, 2008

...and so I realised I haven't been updating when I saw Linny saying that all she see's is that shitting blog :) It is officially summer today :) but it doesn't feel anything like summer. I still need a coat out to anywhere. I went to Sutton Place Hotel today for deserts for Christine's birthday with Doris and Kevin =) My most-wonderful-family-friend friend. She's like the best person to look for and we have 'some' similarities but it's usually our differences that makes us closer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 2 months into the summer.. I haven't really achieved anything that I'm proud of. Been pretty busy with work lately. Trying to earn as much as possible but it seems like it isn't working.. I need to plan Plan B. What else is new?

I dropped the paper shredder at work on my toe and it bruised my right toe.. Couldn't walk for the rest of the night but it was sweet becaue I got a ride from my manager home :) *hehehe*

I went to Shaw Conference to work the next day and I worked super late because I wanted extra moneeeeey and I accidentaly ran the wagon I was pulling myself towards my ankle... WALKED IN FLIP FLOPS all day on Saturday and that DID not look good.

I went on a picnic during Father's Day with Uncle and Aunt Lai and Beatrice.. and little GIGI.. then they came over to visit our messy apartment.. gonna include some pictures from the picnic. We were at Rundle Park. Pretty neat place.
(Thus daddy I didn't call or email you because I was busy all day... but I did get you something.... you'll get it prettttty soon) When we got to Rundle Park.. there were hail stones all over (Rain that comes down as big ice blocks) It was pretty freaky.. we were in the car just watching that all happen.
(it was so cold that Aunt maggie could actually write on her windshield. OMG and it's freaking summer!!!!!!!!!)

Then it cleared up so me and Beatrice went for a walk around the BEAUTIFUL park =)

i think i'm actually taking better photos now.
me and beatrice in the mirror that distorts you.. so funny.. we had short and stubby legs..

Gonna be going over again this Sunday to eat Kuching Laksa! I'm sooooooo stoked about that! :D Haven't had a decent meal in forever. I should probably start cooking so I can spend less as well. SIGH.

There was a great sales going on for me at work... and I spent about 600dollars on sunglasses. AIKS. not for meeee only larr~ there's mum... Dad... Daven... Doris... and ME! =D
I finally feel as if I'm doing a purchase that's right.

Should take pics of the glasses.. heheh~

anyways.. just thought about updating my blog since I haven't been doing that.

It's the Jazz Festival this week and there's lots of musicians all over Canada coming to perform in Edmonton.. (especially downtown in Churchill where everything happens.. and that happens to be right in front of my apartment building so it's just blaring music all day.. OMG) DR. DRAW IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited but I'm working =(

Gonna try to get some days off so I can stalk my favourite Canadian Band :) *loves*

Just gonna include some pictures we took today at the Sutton Place Hotel... *lots of desert* *yummmm*

a very well taken group picture by Matthew the pastry Chef :) He had braces on and he was cute. LOL!
Christine in my new Burberry sunglasses. So funny. It's massive on her and it fits me almost just well. Proves my head is BIG.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! and have fun in LA =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

saya perlu memblog tentang ini.

baru tadi saya pergi membuang besar dan berak saya terapung dan panjang. (hehehehehhe~)

adakah ini bermaksud saya sudah menjadi lebih sihat? yes!!!

terima kasih tropicana (orange juice with pulp), sekarang saya sudah lebih sihat.

saya akan pergi bersenam nanti, mencuba yoga buat kali pertama. semoga saya berjaya. yayyy! :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hey my loves, (Song Song, Shirley, Sze, Pretty Boy, Ukui, my Ting Ting, Garry and Pei Pei)

I got my parcel today :)
and i got my present and card you guys gave me.. awww gee thanks~

ps. i like my present alot :)