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Friday, February 27, 2009


It's the last day of February... well almost.

My new blogskin looks pretty good, and I managed to upload the picture I wanted. in polaroid form also lehh.. muahahahahaha.

k doris is into some intense workout regime. I should probably start. I always say.. don't do. omg.

midterms and finals are coming up too. argh.

optometry optometry optometry!!!!! gambatehhhhhh!

on the side note: i think im nutrient deficient. my 28 day cycle is all messed up. i'm definately not carbohydrate or sodium deficient though. LOL

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Post!

Alright... so the image that I had on my previous skin was somehow deleted :( boo i liked it.

So i HAD to change my skin.

found this one... very inspirational.. need to become HER. hahaha

how do you like the new skin? =)

ps: bio midterm raped me. SHIT.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's STILL snowing. =(

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Life.


My laziest day ever. I skipped ALL classes today. I'm still on my holiday mode. OMG. midterms next week. Donna needs to study. I deleted Facebook off my easily accessible tab, and YouTube as well. I wonder how long my determination will go for.

I need to stay away from distractions. I'm a distraction. How do I stay away from myself? I'm losing it. why so lazy?

懒惰到。。。。 没得救啦!!!




Buckle me up Donna Bong. I need to stay away from Youtube and Facebook. At least til my midterms are done.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Birthday!

This is just another birthday post. So skip it if you want to. HAHA.

This was the first picture we took together, after 2 years not seeing each other. not very glam eh? London Heathrow Airport.

I posted this picture because I think it's funny how I disappeared right behind him. HAHHA, I'm THAT tiny!!??! It was a jump shot attempt which didn't happen while we were in Liverpool, I thought it was cool. LOL. all you see is my tiny hands. HAHA

drink up! cos it's a celebration!

At times, I get so annoyed of you.. probably cos you're sometimes like a sibling. Just like how I get annoyed of Doris. You guys are family. I still love you guys.

and yes, I hate your constant reminders, that you're a: Basically Extremely Remarkable, Not A Regular Dude.

I know you're the manbitch, the man whore and the genius too. But yes, you are awesome at times. can't deny that. LOL.
I'm saying this because: He's paying for my tickets to watch Beyonce's Concert!!!!

Now you're 22. Everyone is 22. Why 22. I'm turning 22 too. OMG time flies. I kinda hate it at times. You definately look 22. maybe even 25. but at times you're 13 at heart. most of the time, you're 50 at heart. =) JUST KIDDING UNCLE!!!*pouts*

So yes, as promised, this post is for you. anyone that's in Sheffield should definately get him drunk like ass on his birthday. and let him sleep on the streets. that'd be awesome. better yet, find him a woman., me and wonderful sam. glad you guys clicked =)

Thanks for the awesome vacation while I was in UK too. awesome tourguide, but sometimes, I'm right too. I'm glad we didn't end up killing each other, and I'm glad I got to bug you and outsnore you. LOL.
sunshine boy? LOL

him sleeping away in his cocoon, after the endless bugging i did. HAHA. to the extent that Sam would actually wake up! like WOW. haha

Thanks for the constant support,
I'm definately looking forward to more of this. S-L-A-V-E-R-Y.

the constant hellos on msn,
(I care for your eyes, hence my Burberry sunglasses... they don't look THAT good on you though. LOL! JUST KIDDDDDINGGG)
Taken in the grounds of London, around the London Eye

the constant nudges,
you are my pig and I'm your angel. LOL

the constant updates,
this picture has no correlation, but.. it's a good picture.i know you'd say: BIMBO. LOL

the good song recommendations,
again... no correlation, so no captions.

and the constant reminders that at times, keeps me on my track. YOU ROCK!

(this picture, I GOTTA talk about, this was the last picture that I took with my pink Casio camera before it dropped to the hard-ass floor and the lens got stuck. I then tried to put my camera back into its original shape without much thinking and without much luck, it died. =( see how happy he is. and how sad I am? I WAS SAD!)

I guess there's alot I could thank you for, but... you're an ASS. lol. so yeah. ass. Hope dreams come true =)

Happy Birthday Womanizer =)
Drinks for you!!

Last but not least, a picture to end the post:
I think this is actually one of the select few good photos we managed to take without killing each other. Taken during the ride on the London Eye, amazing view =)

Birthday Wishes. (MY BF)

Introducing: My Boyfriend aka My BestFriend.
Age: 22
LOL!!! somehow I think its super funny to write that. hahahha, cos I talked to song song about this before. yeah.. and we laughed. hahahaha

Annette's wall: 22 on the 22! (makes sense hey??)


He's definately single. and so am I. So yes, don't wanna ruin his love life. He'll never to treat me in the future (when he becomes a doctor) haha.

It's my one and only.. pretty boy~ We love you soooooo much. (Shir, Song, Sze, Garry, Pei, Casper, Ting Ting and Me)

These pictures are soo old, I found them all in my laptop and they were all taken MORE than 2 years ago. SOBs. I'll be back soon though!

Our Mr. Patient, Our Mr. Never-Angry-G00d-Guy. Remember your 20th birthday cake? LOL. This unfortunately does not top this year's pudding Shirley and Song made for you. LOL.

I came across this picture. and I laffed. LAUGHED. L A U G H E D. LOL! toooo funny!

Him and his vain moments. At times, I wonder if he's the girl and we're the guys.

I hope I didn't curse you into wearing glasses. I know you wear glasses now. Nvm, next time get glasses from me. =) I'll do the checkups too <3

Chung enjoying his drink, like any other normal person. just that he does it with a teeeeny weeeeny bit more expression. LOL.


US. (Where did my chin gooo?)

and US. (man we're so good looking)

US. *drools*

*drools* LOL

Man, we've been friends for so long.. that we're becoming twins. We think alike, and we're so smart. HAHAHAH, yes barf all you want. OKAYlahhh, I wanna be as smart as him. I just want that determination that you have. gimme gimme gimme gimmeee!!

I hope your birthday wish this year comes true =)

ps: chungzie I hope you appreciate the cute pictures I posted. LOL. especially this one:

ps I counted: It's been... 12 years. OMG.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Thoughts.

Do you know what a slob is?

I feel like a slob. ugh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Debbie's Party!

Debbie and I in Oil City.
Debbie, me and Cigi.
Cigi, me, Amanda and Debbie.

Some updates from Debbie's party, got a little too rowdy so we left.

Happy 21st!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Reading week =)

Reading week just started officially today at 4.50pm =) WOOOHOOO. Only gotta be back in school February 23 at 11am.

I have nothing to do this week. Which kinda sucks. It's payday today. and mann.. I need to work more, it's so sad to be earning so close to nothing comparing to what I used to make. Okay I'm gonna change my availability for work now onwards.

I'm going to the bars tonight, It's Debbie's birthday! always good to have somethign to party about. hahahaha~ no alcohol though, I'm done with that.

So, I'm gonna use these 9 useful days to re-sort my lifestyle. and to start planning on how I can generate more income before I head off to HK and Malaysia!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Update.

Thought I'd post some pictures of my room, taken with my brand new camera. It's CANON this time =)
view of my room for the living room, so pretty ain't it? ps. don't you just LOVE my blanket?

side view of my bed, more or less like a day bed. i'm usually sleeping on the floor (aka carpet) which i try not to anymore, i have my laptop on the little table that i bought from our neighbour for just 5 dollars!!!

and my sesame street fans. LOL. elmo and cookie monster. they just love me. HAHAHA, k fine i'm their fan. and there's my pink bear and my pink baby giraffe.

and my new hair color. woot woot~
I did my color myself.... at midnight.... a night prior to my biochemistry midterm. AHHAAHHAHA. talk about procrastination.

K i SERIOUSLY perlu balik ke buku saya atau saya akan mengagalkan subjek esok. sebab saya tidak pergi ke kelas. sebab guru saya bodoh. dia tidak bodoh sebab dia ialah phd holder, tetapi dia amat perlahan and quiet and soft di kelas saya tidak tahan kelahanan dia. lols. i dont even know if these word exists. ANYWAYS>>>>>>>>> back to the BOOKS!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am going back to Malaysia this Summer... and DORIS IS COMING TOO!
it's gonna be WICKED (lol british accent)

Debbie's gonna be in Malaysia still, we'll have sooo much fun.

So I'm leaving Edmonton April 30, I'll be in HK May 1st and we're meeting up Tony that's flying to HK from Singapore. We'll be there til May 6th and head to KL from HK on the 6th, stay a night a arrive Miri May 7th around 5.15ish.
Then I've booked my tickets from Miri to KL and back, I'm leaving Miri May 11th at night, and i'll be spending my birthday in KL, then I'll be going back to Miri with the three girls, Song Shirley and Sze (funny how the names always come together, I should start calling myself Seehui) on May 18th. And that would be the end.... NOT

I'm just thinking bout if I should make another trip back to KL while I'm in Miri, could get more shopping done and more touristy things done. I mean.. I've never been around West Malaysia yet. maybe I should explore a little more.. maybe I should rent a car. AHAHAH

I'm also thinking about ways to get some money from our apartment while we're gone.. that's two months with no one staying here... thats 600dollars! that's aloooooooot of money. Should I rent it out? what if they break my things? argh, so many things to consider.

anyways, tickets booked. See you guys sooon!

PS: I love Lee Hom, I sooooooooooo love Lee Hom. Why is he so awesome? SIGH <3

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tired or Lazy?

I don't know, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.

Ever since I overtensed myself for my organic paper. I don't know why but that's the ONLY paper i would study for. WEIRD braino.

I'm sooooooo tired. I slept through my classes, not that i fell asleep in school. But I came home from my lab (From Monday til today, Thursday, I went to ALL my classes.) 11.45am.. and I slept til 4.15pm. OMG. WHY LIDDAT? (ting ting would say that. haha)

Okay let's just say I'm lazy. Okay let's just say I'm tired.
Let's just say I'm both.
2 midterms 2 quizzez down.
2 midterms 1 quiz left to go. 3 reports. to go. ...

on the happy note: I'm going back to Malaysia!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Economy Crisis?

I sure don't read the newspaper, listen to news (no TV no radio, definately not on youtube) and i just don't care about what's going on with the economy as long as I have my job(s) still and university tuition doesn't go up... well for now.

Frogs today I was in the college and I 'had' to buy some sanitary pads. OMG!!!

18 pads for $8 dollars?!?!?!?!?!!?!??! (*&^%$^&*&%^$%^&*&^%$

It's not like it's made of silk and it comes with individual packed underwears with gems on the package. OMG. just some regular winged pad.

So expensive. DAMN PMS.