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Saturday, June 27, 2009

my girlie day

today was kinda random.. because we didn't really plan this, i met Amanda at work and I told her that we needed to hang out so she told me to go shopping with her so she could get all her Australia prep done. Leanne texted me for movie and dinner so we combined it together and BAM! girls day out =)

Got a whole bunch of stuff for Amanda, her purse, luggage, bikinis, board shorts and poor Leanne was waiting for us at WEM while we were still at Kingsway. She bought lots tooo. LOL.

Gave them their little gifts that I got from Malaysia..
anyways I'm gonna post up pictures that we took. Super hilarious. Tried facebook but UNFORTUNATELY it wouldn't upload.

spot the difference? amanda can drive without her car keys. HAHAHAHHAHA

amanda with her new luggage to Australia. LOL. her High School Musical bag. LOL

We had dinner at Elephant & Castle... before watching our movie. 'The Hangover' is awesome. Definately recommend that. LOL

Then we headed back to my apartment, and took some pretty re-tarded pictures. LOL. Awesome day I sum it.
(Posing in my hallway... kinda...weird. My neighbour saw us. LOL)

And of course. The TRIOS.

on the other note:

ps: Amanda lost her phone today, and we found it at Kingsway, at the Mall Security. (talk about random) Leanne bought Vietnamese springrolls and sweet potato fries from the Works (yum to both) Amanda is reading TWILIGHT!!! wooohooo!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Restaurant City.

Who plays restaurant city?

I need 3 more Bananas, and 2 more Creams.... PLEASE!


shoe addiction.

so how many pairs of shoes is the female species allowed to have at once?

I currently have 35 =)

(after throwing away loads and keeping just the ones that i wear)


both Doris and I are super jetlagged. ommmmg.

we got home around 4.30pm...

unpacked, met up with Samantha and Kevin after Aunt Cindy sent us home.
I showered and slept at 7pm....and woke up the next day at 2pm.

blarrh.. then I tidied up the apartment for the rest of the day.. played typing maniac and restaurant city. (i need to catch up.. im sooo behind)

went to bed at 5.30am... and woke up around 1pm ish.. went out with Aunt Cindy to Lenscrafters. (she got her glasses adjusted and I got my schedule-I start this Sunday)
then I went to Debbie's house and we went to Original Joe's with Cindy.
Went back to her house to play wii.. then she sent me home...
Slept at 6am this morning... and woke up just around 3.30pm.

(OJ's Carolina pulled pork sandwich with ceaser salad and sweet potato fries with dill dip)

(OJ's ceaser salad and fries with gravy and some burger.. it was debbie's. hahaha)

OMG.. my sleeping pattern is soooo messed up.
(Me, Cindy, Debbie)

I registered for summer school, banked in all the money, and am trying to get everything else done in time so once school starts I won't have anything else to do.

Been cleaning out my closet last night... and I bought a little too much. Guess all I have to do is lose weight so I can fit back into clothes that I bought. HAHAHAHA =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updates from the HK Airport.

It's June 22... and it will remain June 22 for the longest time in my own history. HAHAHA, I'm at the HK Airport right now... 7.46am... will be boarding at 9.50am and my flight will leave to Edmonton at 12.50pm. and when I reach Edmonton, it will still be June 22... and that's 17 hours later, it'll only be 4.20pm. HOW am I gonna adjust to the super long daylight?? I think I'm gonna get a badddd jetlag.

Doris and I slept over at the airport's lounge-hotel thing last night.. we paid 980HKD for 6 hours of the room.. it was well worth it though. a little small but SUPER comfy =) the people who work here are super friendly too.

I will post more stories and pictures about my Asia trip when I'm back in Edmonton.. LOTS of food pictures!

I miss family. I miss friends. =(


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hong Kong Updates. Part 2

May 5 2009, Tuesday
Places we went to:
1. Macau
2. Macau - StarWorld Hotel & Casino
3. Macau - Wynn Hotel & Casino
4. Macau - The Venetian
5. Tsim Sha Tsui
6. Causeway Bay - Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay area.
(my ticket to macau)


Tony and I left Doris in Hong Kong and headed for Macau, met up with Anita and Tony met up with his friend Will. We met David and Steven with their group as well.
Took the shuttle to StarWorld Hotel and we met up with the other five, and then we went for lunch. Ended up in some kinda restaurant and had dim sum and noodles.

(real statues)

(for some reason I didn't mind being short)

We visited StarWorld, Hotel LisBoa and then we took the bus to The Venetian.
(anita and I)

(busride to Venetian.. haha)

The Venetian was awesome. It’s sooooo pretty, I know there’s one in Vegas but its pretty awesome to have one in Macau too. We took the gondola ride and the guy who rowed the boat sang for us. OH SO BEAUTIFUL!
(us on the gondola ride)

(starworld hotel's lobby)

We headed back to HongKong afterwards and still managed to take a last stroll on Tsim Sha Tsui. Didn’t buy anything though. Before heading home, we went to Causeway Bay and walked around the area. I took pictures of all the places with branded stores. OH SO BEAUTIFUL. LOL.
Went home and saw Doris with LOTS of purchases and Chinese food. It was definitely a good day for her.
(macau bridge)


May 6 2009, Wednesday
Places we went to:
1. Causeway Bay
2. Hong Kong Airport

Checked out, went and did a little bit more Hong Kong touristy stuff then took the Shuttle and headed to the Airport. Spent loads of time in the airport because our AIRASIA flight for HK to KUALA LUMPUR was delayed. It was preeeetty sad. Reached LCCT around 3.30am.

ps: the Hong Kong airport is blardy BIG. we took an LRT from one terminal to the other.. then the bus to the airplane. FOOH.

May 7 2009, Thursday
Places we went to:
1. KL LCCT Airport
2. Miri Airport
3. Home =)

Got out the custom area around 4am… found seats in the departure area.. And started to watch my shows. (MY ASIAN SHOWS) Went for ann OJ and some hash browns and then Doris left shortly after for her flight back to Miri. I had A LOT of time to waste.. So I sat with my luggages and my laptop, and finished my 6 shows. HAHAHHA. Slept countless times during the whole 6 shows because it was soooo boring. Waiting til almost 1pm when Debbie finally arrived from Singapore. Chitty Chatty.. Checked in and then we headed to the departure hall for our flight back to Miri at 3pm.
Saw Mum and Daven the first thing we got there, they ran right into the ‘no entry area’ LOL. IM FINALLY HOME <3

Mum cooked, we had our first dinner at home.. Opened our luggages.. Gave our presents and spent the rest of our evening at home. It feels nice to be at home again. Had lots of calls from my aunts and uncles, and it definitely felt good to be home.

note my day. BOO

quick update.

June 3 2009

slept in til 11.30am..
spent the WHOLE day at home.. Doris watching her movie, me reading Eclipse, and the kids doing whatever.
drove out in the afternoon..... bought the more slushie drinks cos it was bloody hot out.. and then BAM. my car accident :(

yeah... i was careless enough to not watch what I was doing.. I was reversing and I heard a car honking.. but I didn't know it was actually honking me. then BAM I hit right into the car. Bum on bum.
thank god my parents aren't mad.. but there's some damage to both cars. the other driver was really nice we'll fix her car FOR SURE once my daddy is back (tomorrow night) and yeah.. i'm gonna live the rest of my holiday without driving. SOBS. sam I miss you. I rather get a speeding ticket then an accident.
spent the rest of my day at home, finished eclipse.. now I'm gonna wait til I get my hands on the next book. MUAHAHHAHAHA.

had CRABS for dinner today.. and I cut my finger while eating that. yah talk about being careless.
I miss Edmonton... not the place. but my friends. =) and my girl friends left my hometown for school... so I'm kindaaaa lonely. thank god for family.

I need MAGNIFYING GLASSES and Glasses that help with side views. ARGH.

on the good side of the note: daddy's back tomorrow night! YAY to that! more parties!!!!