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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Donna Bong.

My Desktop.

I just learnt how to print my screen and save it as a picture. So there you go =) That's my wonderful wallpaper. No one could replace that. And you could see the weather in Edmonton at the moment as well as Miri, and Sheff (BFF). LOL.

I just got my new bike. I exchanged that white/green bike to a baby blue bike. oh sooooooooo beautiful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new Bicycle.


picked up my bike. and rode it about 14km home. OMG.
my ass hurts. I need a new seat. Do you like my bicycle??

click THIS to see the route that I cycled. no lie man, no lie.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Lab Days <3

This week was super exciting for me, as I got to start working in the lab. I'm still doing the retail part, the eyewear consulting.. but I am also a Lab Technician now. WEEEHEHE!!! I'm sooooo pro~

Day 1 in the Lab:
Haley taught me how to set lenses at the right inset, up/down... how to differentiate lens, how to plot its axis, how to protect the lens, and how to WAX it. yupp. you wax lenses. AWESOMEEEE! Then I learnt how to clean the polisher. oooo so much to learn. I already knew how to clean chucks and laps, so I did that. =) It's so different being in the lab.

Day 2 in the Lab:
Learnt some very very interesting things about progressives, how we induce prism in them. How thats done to make it cosmetically more attractive. I also learnt on how base curves run. AWESOME. (Ed taught me that)

Day 3 in the Lab:
LOVE IT. I surfaced two sets of progressives today. Had some help with the generator (Haley) and that was it!! I ROCK!!!! LOL
( I got a raise! hehehehe~)

Eyewear Consultant & Lab Technician.


Anyways, I went to classes today.. and everything is going well for me. I had my courses up to date assessed and I'm on the right track! I'm looking at a Biological Sciences major and a Physical Sciences Minor.. sounds pretty awesome hey? OR I could do a Microbiology specialization... I'll see =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to Make a Woman Happy

I found this while reading someone's facebook. SUPER DUPER funny. LOL!

Guide to:
How to Make a Woman Happy
It's not difficult to make a woman happy.. A man only needs to be:
1. a friend
2. a companion
3. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a master
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a mechanic
12. a decorator
13. a stylist
14. a sexologist
15. a gynaecologist
16. a psychologist
17. a pest exterminator
18. a psychiatrist
19. a healer
20. a good listener
21. an organizer
22. a good father
23. very clean
24. sympathetic
25. athletic
26. warm
27. attentive
28. gallant
29. intelligent
30. funny
31. creative
32. tender
33. strong
34. understanding
35. tolerant
36. prudent
37. ambitious
38. capable
39. courageous
40. determined!
41. true
42. dependable
43.. passionate
44. compassionate


45. give her compliments regularly
46. love shopping
47. be honest
48. be very rich
49. not stress her out
50. not look at other girls


51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes


54. Never to forget:
* birthdays
* anniversaries
* arrangements she makes


1. Show up naked
2. Bring food and Beer


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada's Day

It was Canada's Day yesterday.. and for the first time in three celebrations I didn't have to work at all. I slept in... went to West Edmonton Mall with Brittany hoping to see her cousin in action in ice hockey.
(kids playing hockey)

Unfortunately we missed it, but we did do some shopping at Urban Planet (there was a buy one get one for a dollar sale!!!) went for lunch at the foodcourt and we took a photobooth picture at fantasyland.
(britt and I at fantasyland)
(Britt and I. our little sketch portrait)
Then we went to the legislature for the rest of the afternoon. Hung out with her friends (funny people) Ryan, Brian, Jessi, Glen, Calvin... and Doris and Kevin came too =)
(weird how my little room could fit so many people)
(one of the funny pictures we took)

They played frisbee... I sucked so I just sat there and enjoyed the sun. Then we saw the most amazing fireworks. THEY WERE HUGEEEEEE.


Happy Canada's Day.

(I need to get all of my school stuff done by this month or else I'm dead.)