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Friday, August 29, 2008

To-Do List.

  • Microdermabrasion Pure Light Treatment
  • Return product from The Source Circuit City -$54 back! YEAH!
  • Exchange leggings purchased at Ardene
  • Rearrange schedule
  • Register lockers.
  • Get new student ID
  • Get U-Pass
  • Purchase textbooks
  • Meet up Marta and help her move
  • Clean the fridge
I managed to get everything done...woot woot!!

readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for school oh so ready!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love saying.. I'm going to school, instead of I'm going to college, or I'm going to the uni... oh well..

anways... just trying to get everything set up for school, making sure all subjects are registered under professors that gets the highest ratings.. lols.. for easiness and all. muahahah...

hopefully my schedule will work out good, i noticed that this year I've gotten a little smarter.. not putting classes back to back. that really drives me crazy.

I'm excited for school!!!!!

Our rent went up.. and we might neeed.. actually... we NEED a new place to move to. :(
I don't feel like moving in between the whole school year, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

It's my day off tomorrow.. and I hope I get my BIG to-do list accomplished!

and like Pei Pei.. picture of the day:
me at The Bank Ultralounge :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ways to saving money.

1. no junk food.
2. no accessories.
3. no splurging on lunch dates and dinner dates.
4. no take-outs no dinner elsewhere besides home.
5. starve...starve... and just starve yourself!!!!
6. no facials, no pedicures, no manicures.
7. no haircuts, no colors.
8. no new clothes...
9. no new shoes....
10. no credit cards.
11. no expenses besides rent.

just Don't be Donna.. and you'll be rich. dammmmmit.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Broke.

oh my god. I'm so broke. HAIYAAAAA... why so lihai spend money?!?!?

i thought i was paying the amount i owed on my credit card... it was at 1000 now its still at 1000 dollars.

ARGH! gotta stop using it. it's a curse.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I went for my first microdermabrasion today. OUCH! It hurt like maddddd.. but hopefully after few more treatments Ill get a better skin complexion...
Got some products and an eyebrow wax as well - cha-ching! $265

Then I went to get some sunblock for this weekends Banff trip - cha-ching! $30

Got a new haircut today as well.. maybe I should post it.. cha-ching! $40 (It was almost 50 bucks only without tips... luckily I went back to EvelineCharles..employee benefits memang suaaang :).. became $15 so I just tip my favourite stylist. muahahaha)

Got Kevin and Jared their presents as well.. Well I hope they like it cos I sure do! (will post it up after their birthday) cha-ching! $40 for now unless Doris suggests something else.
-this is the dragon i got them.. lols -

I went to Dollarama (where everything is just a dollar) and spent about $20 there... omg i got myself 10 colorful binders for schoool, some magnetic notepad and notebooks for me and my locker buddy Leanne.. hahahaha.. Im super stoked for school!

- it says : im mature and youre not... nah nah nah nah nah nah.. hahahah -
- the other one says : not listening-
- cute notebooks-

- the binders - only 9 not 10 eh hehehe..

btw.. I got my scholarship money for school, am superr duper excited for the new term and hopefully everything will go well!!!

Been doing super-duper well at Lenscrafters (place I work) this week.. and all summer.. the store is going under renovation so hopefully it wont affect my sales...

Will be attending another wedding this Saturday.. then Ill be heading to Banff again with my friends this time.. for 2 days! will update pictures!

ps.. garry i corrected your name on my link area. muahahahaha.. soli soli.

oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. i always had this ONE confession to make to my ladies... I lost the beautiful bracelet you ladies got me before I left.. I got alot of compliments because of it.. but too bad I lost it.. (I think it broke on me :( ).. but since that day I have bought myself two more to replace the one you guys gave me... but its still irreplaceable.. I owe you guys :(

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Update.


*thunder* yes! i heard the thunder.. yes... may there be rain and cool the crazy city down! :) yum yum~~~

oh yeah.... forgot to say... that i got my new glasses!!!!!!! so happy... i have one more pair that i need to get.. but i don't know what i want yet... i've got my prada.... now the dolce & gabbana's... lols~ whooopi~ either Bvlgari or Chanel or Versace..... dunnnno yet.. whhooooopi!

and and and and and.... i've been making super yummy brownies.. but i think everyone is sick of it already.. gotta learn something else.

and and and and... go to and look at this CRAZY video of my friend speaking MALAY. like holy crap! i need to buff up.

hot DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is ridiculously hot today.
so ridiculous.

i wish i was at home... with my air-con full blast at 16'C.


rain rain please come!!!!!!!

so hot.


Friday, August 8, 2008



今天,我在看我的朋友们送给我的卡片和礼物,我就在想。。。 离开了美里那么久,朋友们还记得我吗?他们过得好不好。。。 我们个个都去别的地方念书,真的很辛苦啦!


也不自到为什么要写话语,自想到再不用话语来写和practise, 我一定会忘记的!

方可蔓!!! 你还记得我吗??????

蔡嘉义!!!!!!! 佩四,shirley.. song song.. chung.. ting ting... casper.. pei pei... 还有我所有的好朋友,你们要快点来这里找我啦!




哈哈~such a loser.


i've been making brownies lately.... and it's been turning out pretty good... :) anyways.. this is just some random thoughts that i had...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Update.

Have not been updating the blog since Shirley and Sam's bday.. it's almost ANGIE'S birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I made some big life decisions lately...

1. I decided, and I thought and I am sure that I am going to pursue optometry. Gonna try my hardest to get there... and I know it's gonna be my lifetime goal. I better be Dr. Donna Bong by the time I'm 28. ****.

2. Decided to put away all my Malaysian clothing and wear Canadian made clothes. LOL. I guess and I decided to not be Fobby and to blend in with the society I'm in. Time to Load up on all my hoodiesssss.. expensive maaaaang.

3. Decided to spend 200 a month on food and clothes. I hope that works.... Well let's see how August turns out... well maybe 200 a week... I don't know. Keep my fingers crossed, this might work out.

4. I'm gonna start cooking more at home. I better start cooking more 'cos I'm already sick of resturants and fast food... Had congee today.. and it was awesome.. although there was this MAIN ingredient that was missing.. and I still don't know what it is.

I went camping about a month ago (July 11 -14), Aunt Magie said it was gonna be the cheapest kind of vacation.. turned out wrong! :( I sunburnt my face and my hand and my arms (which never ever happened in Malaysia cos I tan fast).... and had to spend money for facials and more creams... aiyaiyai.

Went to my first wedding in Edmonton.. and it was awesome.. wish i could of attended Boon Boon's wedding as well though... there's another wedding coming up in a couple of weeks... so that's gonna be fun as well! Gotta start shopping for clothes.

I'm super duper duper excited about school.. I hope everything turns out well. I already got myself a co-worker + study mate + driver + friend = Sam :) hahahah.. We better work our asses....

6 years to being an optometrist!! wooot wooot! (and that's if everything goes well) :S