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Monday, July 30, 2007


Doris got a haircut, and an awesome color...

done by John Guest, one of the members of Vidal Sassoon's Creative Team.
So, I secretly badly wanted a haircut for myself too.. :)
MY NIGHT BEFORE THE CUT PICTURE at Joey's Tomatoes eating some crazy spicy noodles.

It drove me nuts so while I was working and she was in that show, Ashley asked if I wanted to be his model for his cut.. wooohooo~~ Jumped at that chance.. and tada!

Ashley is the creative director of Eveline Charles Salons & Spas. Where I work :)
He helped part of my coloring also leh...wahahah..
and.. I met alot of the EC Cutting n Coloring Crew from Vancouver, Calgary, and other Locations. There was Gino (guy that did the makeover for CNTM), Carol, Cyndi, Roy, Brent, Kirsten (she did my color) and loads more ppl.. it was a busy week for me but everything went pretty damn well :)
Well, seems like I didn't go through a very drastic change.. but they fixed and customized a haircut for me and my flat head. Now my head is flat-no-more. muhahahahha..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the workaholic me.

i am a workaholic.

a workacoholic i am.

imagine this:

tuesdays to saturdays, i work in eveline charles academy from 8.15am to 5.15pm

and once in a while i take my server shifts in shaw conference.

BUT starting:

july 18, wed:
EvelineCharles Academy from 815am to 515pm
ShawConference to work from 530pm til whenever they need me so it'll probably be 1am.

July 19,thurs:
EvelineCharles Academy
CAPITAL EX!! 530pm til midnight.

July 20, fri:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX.

July 21, sat:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX.

July 22, sun:
Capital EX.. and more of Capital EX. i might just stay there all day til my shift and take rides and all while hanging around there :) life is sweet~

July 23, mon:
Capital EX.

July 24, tues:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 25, wed:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 26, thurs:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 27, fri:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 28, sat:
EvelineCharles Academy
Shaw Conference (ps: my first bar shift!)

and then..


its a great weekend.
its gonna be a great weekend.

an amazingly crazy one..

i miss little Daven.
i hope he misses me.

he better be good.
or i wont get him anything.

so.. we gotta start packing our stuffs cos we wont have time to.. and we gotta get the designer scheduled to help us out on our design with the studio.

and.. we need to get all the ikea furniture settled.
and.. we need to get our butts moving to the new place!

i need to get more swimsuits:)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


yahhh.. so buddies... come here and see yourselves!

well.. sign up for facebook! :D


so.. Doris and I have decided to move out.

1. to have our own space
2. to have more responsibilities
3. to decorate the place
4. to have fun being so far away from home
5. to be close to SHAW conference (lols... yeah rite)
6. to be in the CITY
7. to be close to school
8. to be close to all the entertainment
9. to grow our sister bond :) <3
10. to cook, clean, work, study, and have more places to visit (now we can visit aunt nelly too!)

sO.. we went furniture shopping, more like IKEA shopping, we browsed the magazine.. browsed the website.. and now we're gonna go there to pick out what we like and NEED and what we can afford.

The place we're moving to isn't too big, so we won't be needing so much furniture.

and help us choose out some stuff.. thats affordable and usable. lols~
you'll see the EXPEDIT bookshelf, i want it black-brown.. there's two sizes that are good..

one is a 149cm x 149cm ($169), one is a 185cm x 185cm($249)

we'll see which one we like more.. and DARN :( (heart crashes to million pieces)

i saw this really nice bed AND I THOUGHT it was the best catch cos it was a mattress and the bedframe for just $300. Now that I went back to look at it, its just for the bedframe.. which is another $200 for my mattress.. or $400.. sobs sobs.

well so far thats the only thing I like. and oh yeah.. the bed!

If we put two beds together, they become a long lounging place.. for us~ then at night it'll turn to beds. But since it's so expensive now.. I'll have to think about other alternatives.

Its a Sunday.. a very boring Sunday for me, woke up late, went online, no one was online.. then waited for everyone to come back from church. Doris and I then went to Wal-Mart, and she took 20 minutes under the scorching sun looking for a 'lost' gift card.. it was actually still at home.. aiyaiyai.. my sister is turning OLD.

Then we went to watch the street performance. Unfortunately there was no performances going on. I watched it during my lunch break a week ago.. it was sooo funny!

This entertainer named Mario had two volunteers from the crowd. He rode a unicycle with the girl on her. Then he taught that girl a funny dance to distract ppl everytime he dropped a pin when he was juggling. That lady was amazing.. she did it very very well. Then to thank that lady, he had her sit on his luggage and he was singing this love song to her. That lady's so-called-bf came out from the crowds and stopped the whole thing!

Mario and that guy then got into the battle.. where they had to take three steps from each other and they each aimed their weapons at each other! It was sooo funny cos their weapons were bananas! Then they were pointing it at each other and they had this really funny song going on the background.. The started turning in a circle and slowly peeled their bananas, then they bit part by part and spat it out as bullets! haha~~ the whole crowd was just laughing.. lols~

Then Mario 'died', that guy had to sing this Queen song saying he killed a person and he's sorry to his mama.. lols~ the whole show was fabbbulous. wanted to blog bout this then but i'm just a procrastinator.. which promised to never procrastinate.. :D

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thinking about My Commitments.

wow.. never did I ever try to sit down and think about what I have involved myself with.

not to make it such an evil thing, i'm just thinking about how much my tuition is gonna cost me.. just to get a degree... hopefully.

i'm planning on taking dental hygiene as my first choice, so i'll be doing a year of general science with all the subjects they need me to do, then if i get it.. i'll do another 3 years for diploma and 1 more year for my degree if all goes well..

went to look at the prices:
1st year (General Sciences) - $6000.00
Year 1 (Dental Hygiene) - $5,591.20
Year 2 (Dental Hygiene) - $8,965.20
Year 3 (Dental Hygiene) - $8,097.60
Year 4 (Dental Hygiene) - $5,784.00

whew! thats alot of money.. and that's just the cost for 2007-2008, who knows if its gonna go up or down when its my year to study it.

thats like near RM100 000 to complete the whole thing, or maybe it is.. thats more than an engineering course in Curtin that I should of done. But no regrets, i'm liking the route that I will be going through.. I am gonna make sure that I make it. I want to make it. :)

I mesti cuba, I mesti dapat. :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

our first big step

me and doris will be doing something thats very very significant to our life : moving out.

ooo boy, its gonna be a big thing for the two of us. we never did this before but its gonna be sooo exciting!

will write about the place when our application is approved...

so yeah..


its finally time for us to be independant,
to live on our own,
to cook,
to clean,
to handle every little and big business on our own. it makes me feel 20 years old,

though ive acted like a 10 year old last night :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dr. Draw :D

Dr. Draw in action playing Danny Boy.

Place: City Hall, Edmonton
Photographer: Doris Bong

Dr. Draw :D again!

This is Eugene Draw, the 22 year old violinist. *gosh!*

I just love the way he plays the violin.

This is the guitarist...

Chan.. the electric harpist.

(I spotted him while he was gonna hop into the car cos they were on a rush to Calgary. SOOO happy my sister managed to take this picture for me. He makes Chinese proud! )

I found another article about Dr. Draw..

Dr. Draw Biography

Beethoven with Beats

When Eugene Draw was still busking for a living, people working in the office towers nearby often called the joyful musician “doctor.” He had the ability to cure the common blues and uplift the spirits of even the most cynical passer-by. If positive energy has been a consistent element of Dr. Draw’s career, then genre bending is certainly another trademark. In fact, his renditions of classical masterpieces as well as his original compositions defy singular classification. Is it “Beethoven with beats” as one critic described Draw’s music or are the sounds more at home in a downtown lounge with a dry martini in hand? Perhaps the better question is who cares when it sounds this good, this seductive, this satisfying?

Unfettered by music’s traditional boundaries, Dr. Draw and his talented band pull together an organic blend of instruments that satisfies eclectic audiences. Added to Draw’s violin strings are the instruments of his musical collective: an award-winning guitarist, electronic keyboard specialist, electric harpist, rock bassist and drummer. At a recent performance in Boston, a writer for Newsweekly reported that “a young violinist - an attractive guy who goes by the moniker Dr. Draw - stole the show with his infectious performance of high energy, piping out a mix of classical and house musical sounds from his electric violin. The show allegedly literally brought some to tears.” Citing such diverse influences at Chopin, Charles Minges, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, Dr. Draw comes by his unique musical masala honestly. When various traditional melodies from around the world are added to the mix, it becomes easier to find both something familiar in his music and at the same time be intrigued by what is unusual and novel. Elements of African percussion, Indian ragas, North American folk music and reggae all find their place here and there throughout Dr. Draw’s compositions.

Born in Moscow to a family immersed in classical music, the young boy learned the power and drama of performance from his ballerina mother. He practised his beloved violin sometimes up to six hours a day, hardly willing to stop for breaks. When Eugene’s parents moved to Canada, he was enrolled at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music. Ultimately constrained by the school’s formal approach to music, Eugene left the institution in favour of the street where he was free to improvise and experiment. Brandishing his beloved violin and an unlimited imagination, the teenager threw himself into his music like never before. With a marked passion and unmistakable gift, Dr. Draw’s performances drew growing audiences and he was soon “discovered” by Canada’s largest newspaper that enthusiastically declared him one of the country’s most promising young performers. Draw has been based the last two years in Montreal as part of that city’s burgeoning music scene.

From Toronto Streets to Palace Stages

Although only a few years since the Toronto Star featured the young violinist, his unique performance is today sought by event organizers across the arts and commercial spectrum. Notable recent appearances have included opening for the legendary Patti Labelle at the Toronto Fashion Cares AIDS Benefit, sharing the stage with Usher at the Louis Vuitton Emprise jewellery launch party in New York, and again for the Louis Vuitton Cup in Newport, Rhode Island, a gala event for the International Yachting Restoration School. Dr. Draw was also invited to perform at this year’s Barenaked in Rosedale fundraiser hosted by the popular Barenaked Ladies, where Eugene also jammed on stage Ron Sexsmith, Jim Cuddy, and Our Lady Peace. One of his career favourites was playing at Prague’s Presidential Palace in the same venue where many of Europe’s greatest composers and musicians have played over the centuries. The summer of 2005 saw Draw and his band break into the Festival Circuit at the Beaches International Jazz Festival. As the undisputed star attraction he brought in the largest and most enthusiastic crowds. At just 23 years of age, Dr. Draw is assuming his place among only a handful of artists with the charisma and talent to command attention from so many important and diverse stages.

What people are saying …

"That Eugene Draw, a.k.a. the traffic-stoppingly excellent rock violinist who played at the Louis Vuitton partly last spring, and was so good that LV flew him to New York to play at a party there, has been getting a steady run of gigs stateside, including a posh bash for Dom Perignon and, more recently, a big South Beach party on New Year’s Eve"- Shinan Govani, scene columnist, National Post

"Think a funkier Josh Groban playing violin instead of crooning and you get some idea of what Eugene Draw, a.k.a. Dr. Draw, is up to – a bit classical, a lot of electro-pop"- Bill Rankin, Edmonton Journal

"One of the more unique and inspirational features of our Gold medal plates events was the performance at each event of “Dr. Draw”. Our events were a metaphor for Canadian excellence and passion at many levels…athletics…culinary achievement….music and entertainment. Dr. Draw’s performances sure put the spotlight on passion. What a wonderful gift from Russia…this young man who came to Canada as a young boy and now shares with all of his passion for and love of the violin. - Chris Rudge, CEO-Canadian Olympic Committee

"There is no single word that will do justice to the 23 year old performance artist, violinist and potential rock star Eugene Draw. But “intense” comes close.”- Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

- "I would like to thank you, on behalf of Whirlpool Canada Inc., for the fantastic and absolutely mind-blowing performance Eugene delivered at our sales conference …. Eugene is a brilliant performer"Marcin Lempka, Brand Manager – Inglis, Whirlpool Canada Inc.

- "This innovative young man is undoubtedly someone to watch. He is winning lots of fans on the Circuit because he adds a new dimension to the music and his enthusiasm on stage is absolutely infectious. So, if you suddenly hear a violin soaring through the tribal beat at some dance party, know that you’re not hallucinating, but you are in for a treat!"Bill Elias, Circuit Noize U.S.-based Magazine

-yupp.. that's him.. and his band.. they are the COOLEST!!, and yeah if you guys are curious about the music that he plays.. go to YOUTUBE to find him. I bought all three albums already, hmm.. probably I could post it up. -

This is where you guys can see their official website:

I was really, really lucky to hear them live in Edmonton for THREE times! woohoo~ Too bad I forgot to bring all my albums out on Canada Day but I managed to take pictures with them.

Dr. Draw :D

I found this piece of artice about them online... just to share with you all :

by Robert Bottenburg

Dr. Draw isn't a doctor, and he doesn't play one on TV. What 22-year-old, Russian-born Eugene Draw does play is classical violin - while breakdancing, while house DJs spin, on his new fusion CD The City and (whenever possible) at worthwhile fundraising events. One such event is the BBCM's Hot & Dry weekend, raising cash to fight AIDS (for full details, go to www. From his teenage days busking on Toronto's Bay Street to recent slots at film fest galas and fashion shows, the precocious prodigy's prognosis for success is paying dividends.

Mirror: You integrate your classical music training - the playing and composing - with various contemporary pop styles, like breakdancing or, on your record, rock, dub and house. What led you to stake out that middle ground?

Eugene Draw: I listen to classical music religiously, it's something that I really enjoy. When I was 16 I took a summer course at the Orford Arts Centre. There were kids there who'd been playing since they were four years old, and I'd started later, at 11. But I was very ambitious and I wanted to make this my career. Everyone else said that was crazy. But I had an amazing way of improvising, of taking classical music and doing it my way. I had a teacher there who told me, "This is what you have to do. You're not a person who will play these pieces from beginning to end, the way they were written. You're a creator, a composer, and every time you play something, you play it your way." So from the age of 16 I decided to do my own thing. My confidence was up, and I didn't feel I had to fill the mould of the classical violinist.

M: Do you find that what you're doing is an effective means of steering people towards classical music?

ED: Definitely. The thing I hear the most lately is, "I never liked the violin, and you made me like it." And that's really cool. They associate the violin, because of television, with snobbery and the old-fashioned. But when they see a person who's not exactly of that image or that background playing the violin, doing house music and having fun, they're like, "Wow, I like the violin." People from the club scene, bartenders, have been coming up asking for lessons. Maybe if I can get them all together, I can form a string ensemble! (laughs)

M: Let's talk about the CD, The City. It covers a variety of moods, from the sober, moving "Ave Maria (Pulse)" to "Disco Monkey," which is a load of fun. Is there an overarching theme, or is it like a buffet?

ED: Both. A lot of the melodies were my street melodies, stuff I played on the street to get people's attention. I've taken them and refurbished them. A lot of the music has to do with the street, with performing on the street or coming up with melodies by walking around like a madman, singing them on the street, not caring what people think. It always works. For some reason, I can't just sit down and think things up. I'm a total extrovert. I go mad if I spend time just by myself.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day!

I know.. i said that i would be blogging..

but life gets more and more interesting each day that it doesnt make me wanna blog. i'm just not a very consistent blogger.

anyways, check and you will see loads more pics and stories bout wads happening here in edmonton.

i just HAD to blog about this very very very very important information today:

Dr. Draw is FABULOUS! they are the coolest and ever ever ever amazing band i ever heard so far.

It consists of an electric violinist, and electric harpist, a keyboard player, a drummer, a bass player, and an award winning guitarist!

Its a must see and listen band.. so so so cool. :D..


today they were playing in the city hall and i got to take pictures with them! omg!

will post it very very soon..

oooh yeah, i met my Grade 2 best friend on friday night and it was awesome.. we last met in grade 2. imagine that :D sweet eh~

i guess there will never be any regrets coming to edmonton to complete my studies and to get a degree.

kay, so friends.. ive decided that i'll do dental hygiene. and believe it :D

it will take me 1 year for pre-requisites, 3 years for my diploma, and 1 year for my degree = 5 years in school.

i'll enjoy it. i definately will :D

and when i work, i'll be rich! and yay!!!

it will be celebration time!