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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday Wishes.

Happy 25th Anniversary mummy and daddy =) you guys came a LONG way.

Happy 11th Birthday Little Daven, you're still the little one in our family!

Happy Birthday Sasha and Pei Sze, both turning 21 years old. VEGAS BABY!!!!!

hope the birthday was an awesome one.

oh.. and Happy Birthday Amanda~ (party up this Saturday =) )

Monday, November 17, 2008

new addie

These were the 17 goldfishes that I was going to adopt.. but they died =( so.. yeahhh.. I have no fishes.
Picture moments of my closet.. so sad.. I NOW haveeeeeeeee my own closet that I built myself. thanks IKEA!
Part of the stuff we had packed up...
more stuff..

new place.. we had newspaper laid, because we needed to paint.. crazzzzy..
view from my bedroom to the living room and kitchen
my bedroom when DONE
my blanket... MUAHAHHAHA.. it looks all black and white.. but everything that I bought apart from the wardrobe and table were from the kids department. YUM.

This is my new address:
312-9662 101a Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5H 0A7 Canada

Thought I'd probably be smart to do that so everyone can see it.. but even if you forget, the mail is still gonna be redirected to my new place because I paid 40bucks for mail to come here!!!! LOL

So we moved :) and we love our place. My room is just soooooooooooo pretty. maybe I should post a picture of it. I had awesome people over to help me move.. it took less than 2 hours to move everything from the one apartment to the temporary loft, and less than 90 minutes to get everything moved from the temporary loft to the new loft... and about 15 days for the whole place to look like home. I officially declare that my place looks very homey :)

some snapshots I managed taking while chatting to angie and gee..

picture while waiting for nails to dry. MUAHAHAHAH....

omg Finals starts in less than 20 days...
London in less than 35 days!!!