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Sunday, October 28, 2007

i turned 40... no 60 years old.

yeah... and so i turned 60 years old today.

its the halloween weekend and everyone has something to do.
here i am.
all alone at home. sleeping through the night.

had plans with friends to go to their house for a pumpkin carving gathering...but i couldn't make it cos i had assignments and reports to do.

i feel like an old grandma... well at least im warm in the house with a big warm hoodie n sweat pants.

i hate the weathers. it makes me feel tired n sick. how i wished it'd be spring or fall.. even summer is tolerable now i guess..

gonna have a steamboat dinner tomorrow which i realllly am excited to go to~ get me to meet aunt n uncle again n play with mashi! (white bunny)

aunt cindy i s back from malaysia too.. hope she had a great trip.. can't wait to get my things from her too..

will be going out with debbie this week to do some shopping.. and to congratulate her for doing such a wonderful job keeping her n little darren together :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

dum dum dummmmy

so glad i was early for my chemistry class today,
had a chat with the girls from my class.. and I realised that dental hygiene in u of a actually takes up the same amount of time as in toronto! hahaha~
dummmmy betul

anyways.. i applied for u of a..
first of all, if im in the program, i might be able to head for a degree..
second of all its like $12000 cheaper!

and i thought $36000 was a good deal for 18 months. muahahha.. i'm so happy that i realised this in time.

deadline for the application was November 1... so i'm actually 4 days ahead! lols~


just keep your fingers crossed that i'll be accepted and hopefully HOPEFULLY courses i took in Malaysia will not be equivalent to anything here so they wont use that to transfer my credits. cos i need AWFULLY goood, no.. EXCELLENT grades to get in.

*i hope i hope!*

Monday, October 15, 2007

du du du~



midterm coming up.

this wednesday. yay~ *yawns*

it makes me tired thinking about it, and drives me crazy reviewing it...

anyways, back I go to my beloved Biology :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Introducing my computer... Dexter.

Kay.. this is how it works. i'm not a good blogger.. but i still wanna blog bout my laptop. my 'good' purchase :)
muahahhahaha.. pictures are not in order.. but u can follow the sequence that i label to look at it. then you will see how this blog was SUPPOSED to be. muahha..
my white hp laptop. brand new. all mine. :D


before its turned on for the verrrry first time :D




i read the manual... though i set up my other one the other day. just thought it would be safer reading the instructions...


my laptop and jie jie's laptop.. both very very very pretty laptops. :)

t'was this was the box i brought home,
t'was was i ever ever soooo happy,
and thisssss was mine!


me and her :)


me and my opening skills.. used our knife from the kitchen. one of the 19 pieces i purchased.

greaaat deal.


my laptop from the top view!


everything all out.. muahahahha.. dig dig dig.. got every piece of stuff in the box out.


SO..... beauty and guys...

This is my brand new laptop. she's dexter. i know dexter is a masculine name but we (Debbie & I) decided to name her Dexter cos Dexter is a smart computer name. n she needs to be extremely smart to be helping me with acing my courses and doing my homework.

Well, if you were wondering : Didn't she just buy a laptop weeks ago?

I did... and unfortunately i veli veli soi.. i couldnt go online with it.. so i had to return it. maybe cos i dunno how.. or maybe cos it was defected. well anywayssss...

This is 50 dollars more expensive, but it's waaaay waaaay waaaaay better. and the best part? it's still white. :P

The process of me purchasing this:

thought to myself 'daaaangg.. needa pass up my assignment by Tuesday and i need to do it.. and i want my own laptop do complete it...'

so i went online and started browsing all over.. saw the one i purchased last time and sobbbed over it like a boy cos i missed it so. but anyhoo... it popped up that they had it in stock online and i could purchase it!

so i did.. then out of no where i started looking at other models.. and found this one <3

so i cancelled my purchase online since they had this model in store.. called them.. 15 minutes to closing.. asked them to confirm that they had it.. wait... wait... waited.. waited... 10 minutes gone. she told me they had it. i wanted it. i needed it!

so i told them that i would be there in 3 minutes. ran downstairs in my pajamas.. with a jacket duh.. ran to westin hotel.. nearest to my house with looooads of cabs waiting in line.. *wait!* *smacks my head* i just realised that macdonald hotel is right next to my building..

anyways.. the taxi got me there.. it was 8.59pm.. the guy was pulling the grills.. i tried to act as if i wasnt desperate.. 'PLEASE LET ME GET IT!!! i neeeed to buy my laptop today!!!!' lols.. he was like, go and find the computer guy.

phew! passed that...

the computer guy helped me get my laptop.. and unfortunately i couldnt use my futureshop card to purchase cos it was used to purchase the one online and i cancelled it so it had to take froggin 5 business days to return my credit. so i had to use my mastercard, visa card, and my debit card.. swipe till all of them smoked.

spend 15 dollars on the taxi which i could of walked there on usual days. but anyways.. i got it.. and i'm extremely pleased with it. turned it home when i reached home.. and it detected our wireless connexion.. SWEET pie :)

so that's the story of my dexter.

some technical details about it so my computer guys back in Malaysia can let me know that i've got a good one:


HP Pavilion AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core Mobile Technology TL-58 1.9GHz Laptop (DV6660SE)

Base Features

Optical Drive
LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±RW W/ DL
Processor Type
AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core TL-58
Screen Size
Expandable Video Memory
Up To 559MB
Integrated Video Memory
Upgradable Video System
Audio Chipset
Digital Input
Hardware Volume Control
Integrated Microphone
Speaker Wattage
Not Listed
Card Reader - Compatible Memory Types
ExpressCard/34 Input
HDCP Compliant
HDMI Output
IR Receiver
S-Video Output
Type of Modem
56K V.92
VGA Output
Ethernet Port
Integrated 10/100BASE-T LAN (RJ-45)
Integrated WiFi
Battery - Number of Cells
Processor Cache
512KB+512KB L2
System Bus
Up To 1600MHz
Pre-loaded Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium
Notebook Depth
35.7 cm
Notebook Weight (including Battery)
2.8 kg

so.. what do YOU think ? :)