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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


1. Doris (gonna be harder since we have the same first initial! hahah)
2. Linzhi
3. Pei Pei
4. Jessica
5. Lisha
6. Casper
7. Rubee
8. Shirley
9. Connie
10. Garry

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note/blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real . . . nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Have Fun!

1. What is your name: Donna

2. A four Letter Word: Dork

3. A boy's Name: Daven

4. A girl's Name: Dorothy

5. An occupation: Doctor

6. A color: Dark Blue

7. Something you wear: Denim Dress

9. A food: Diced tomatoes

10. Something found in the bathroom: Doorknob

11. A place: Diner's?

12. A reason for being late: Drove a flying car that lost a wing? LOL. Drove my car that ran out of gas in the middle of the journey.

13. Something you shout: Dumbass!

14. A movie title: Dumb and Dumber

15. Something you drink: Diluted milk. HAHAHAH. 1% milk what.

16. A musical group: Dr. Draw!!!

17. An animal : Doggie, dinosaur.

18. A street name: Desa Senadin Phase 2. AHAHAHAH

19. A type of car: Dodge-van

20. The title of a song: Dance Hall Drug - Boys like Girls.

My Creation.


too bad my camera broke, or else I'd take a picture of my newly created meal.

Lots of lettuce


Lots of Carrots


Lots of Celery


Lots of Corn


Lots of Tomatoes



and a hard-boiled egg.


oh yeah. plus thousand island sauce!

imagine that. sooooooooooooooooo good.

ps: been sleeping so much the past few days that i'm behind my courseload. OHHHH gawd.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

la la la

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

ngo hou xiong sek ling go ahh~ ngo kam lin fan Malaysia. SEE YOU THERE!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Updates on my week:

Friday : woke up at 10.30am.. physics class starts at 11am.. heck with that. I skipped it again. 3 times in a row. STRIKE! donnabong gotta stop skipping classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did 4 out of the 5 assigned questions (and prays that I got it right). handed in my chemistry lab report and am sitting in the library doing tags. OH GOD. left my chemistry note book at home. so can't do any review while waiting for the next class. Saturday better be the last unlucky day... and then onwards SUNDAY is the new week! I better rock that.


90-100% FOB for life
60-89% Asian pride
50-59% Only half
30-49% White washed
0-29% Shame

1. [ ] you shop at T&T and costco -
2. [ ] you buy all your food at an asian supermarket
3. [x] you have never heard of longos
4. [ ] you fail if you get 80% or lower
5. [ ] your parents believe you can get nowhere in life everytime they see a 79%
6. [ ] you eat rice everyday
7. [x] you always have something that is fried/deep fried/steamed
8. [ ] your family never buys anything that is not on sale
9. [ ] you spend 10% or more of your spare time at fmp or pmall
10. [ ] you have been forced to play an instrument ever since you were little
11. [ ] your parents want you to be a doctor or lawyer
12. [ ] you go for dim sum every sunday with your grandparents
13. [ ] you get no allowance
14. [ ] your parents say your allowance is being able to live in their house
15. [x ] you have black hair
16. [ ] your parents always fight for the bill
17. [ ] you cannot date until you are done university
18. [x] you have to meet and greet your 200 relatives at big family gatherings
19. [ ] you have no idea what egg rolls are
20. [ ] you get boot lag dvds
21. [ ] your parents question you about how good your friends are
22. [x] your parents ask you if your friends are smart
23. [ ] you are told, "study until your done university, then you can have fun when you retire"
24. [ ] if you ask your parents about how they lecture you for 1 hour about how you should pay more attention in class
25. [x] you mainly go to chinese restaurants when you go out
26. [ ] you never order anything other then the main course
27. [x] you love sushi
28. [ ] your parents keep your red pockets at CNY
29. [ ] you are pro at math
30. [x] you can't tell what kind of meat you are eating half the time
31. [x] once you get yelled at it never stops cuz it is like a chain reaction to all your bad deeds
32. [ ] white ppl pretend to speak chinese in your face and u say screw off back in english hoping they will understand
33 [ ] people mistake you as japanese or korean or mando or canto
34 [ ] people give you shame because you do not talk to them in chinese when they do
35 [x] you know the chinese zodiac and the order by heart
36 [x] you have a cat thing with chinese on it somewhere in your house
37 [ ] your family tree is bigger than you can imagine
38 [ ] your family drives a toyota or nissan
39 [ ] your parents yell at you because someone did just a bit better then you at something
40 [ ] if you get 99% on a test your parents yell at you about the 1%
41 [x] if you dont want to go to university your parents think you you failed in life
42 [ ] you wear clothes your sibling use to wear
43 [ ] you karaoke regularly
44 [ ] you are the master of DDR and never fail
45 [x] you love bbt
46 [ ] you can not get a haircut longer then 1cm or it is considered a punk haircut
47 [ ] the only sports you care about are badminton and ping pong
48 [ ] your parents never take the blame for anything
49 [x] you dyed your hair blond or red
50 [x] you use to get beat when you were bad
51 [ ] you can only date an asian
52 [ ] your parents stalk you when your on the computer
53 [x] you watched chinese shows at some point in your life
54 [x] when someone sees you they automatically think you understand chinese
55 [x] when an esl joins your class you are expected to translate for them
56 [ ] you buy all your clothes from PMALL or FMP
57 [ ] none of your clothes cost more then $15
58 [x] you go crazy for Chinese singers
59 [ ] your grandparents love casino rama
60 [x] you are Asian
61 [ ] you live in a neighborhood full of Asians
62 [ ] you listen to asian music more than English
63 [x] you can read and write chinese
64 [ ] if you could only know one language you would pick an Asian one
65 [ ] when you get in trouble your parents take away your belongings
66 [x] you celebrate moon festival
67 [x] you celebrate CNY
68 [ ] you know how to play mahjong
69 [x] you have a chinese word somewhere in your house
70 [ ] you own a fish or turtle as a pet
71 [ ] you go to a school which is 90% asian
72 [x] you have traveled to Asia at least 3 times in your life
73 [x] you were born in a part of Asia
74 [ ] your FOB and you're proud
75 [ ] you use the peace sign in photos regularly
76 [x] you talk to your friends in chinese
77 [ ] you write to your friends in chinese
78 [ ] you are good at playing chinese chess or checkers
79 [ ] you play slapping games which cause PAIN
80 [ ] you know martial arts
81 [x] more then 75% of your friends are asian
82 [ ] your families house smells like the local dim sum place
83 [ ] you have a single eyelid
84 [ ] you correct your friends when they hold chopsticks wrong
85 [x] 75% of people you know are four eyed
86 [x] you make deals with your parents to get what you want
87 [ ] your family gives out chinese candies for halloween
88 [ ] your parents wear the same thing you wear except it looks creepy to you
89 [ ] you own a pingpong table or badminton rackets or just pingpong rackets
90 [x] you use limewire cause it is free
91 [ ] you download trials of programs and use keygens
92 [ ] you get a cheap computer then upgrade it 100 times
93 [ ] you watch chinese news regularly
94 [x] when it is sunny someone in your family uses an umbrella
95 [ ] you never waste and always take leftovers if no one wants it even if it is a scrap
96 [x] your parents never eat pizza or burgers if they dont have to
97 [x] your middle name involves your chinese name
98 [x] you know your chinese name
99 [x] you know how to ask for red pockets
100. [ ] you plastic wrap your controls

30-49% White washed
I got 36%?? nooo way.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


it's been a SUCCCCCKY week.

Monday: missed Physics class (like usual), almost screwed up on my Chemistry lab, i was blur enough to titrate a base with base. freeeeeak. and then when i finished (10 minutes before the lab was closed), i forgot to enter my data into the computer!!! aduhhhh..

: Physics lab went by pretty well =) proud of that, but it finished so early that I went home... and went to bed. LOL. and ended up skipping my Chemistry lecture. and then I had to go back to school for my biology lab. blarrrrrhhh..then AT least the evening went well. studied in the library til late night, then went over to Jared and Kevin's place to get notes and my books from them.. but... went home, had a LOUD conversation with Doris because she gets all anal when i step inside the house with melting snow.. CAN I HELP IT??? aduh.

Wednesday: Because I skipped Chemistry the night before, thought of making it up by studying harder and later the night before.. slept at four... and.. I woke up at 11am. BOO. ended up skipping Physics class (not lab-correction) again. went to my other classes. Went to Organic chemistry class without answering my answer that i was assigned on monday. SAD. I wanted to impress my professor because he's writing my reference letter for grad school.. BUT. aduhh.. studied some more at school =) YAY! and got a ride home from Ronald, woohooo.. but then.. cooked so much at home that i was bloated. baaaaaaaaahhhh, I finished catching up with my biochemistry class, went through my notes for organic chemistry, did my pre-lab.. slept late... AND...

: Lab starts at 8am, i woke up at 8.35am. SHIT. I was panicking, and I was not panicking.. I even went through my wardrobe to pick out clothes to wear, I did my hair, I wore my pretty jacket. Then I was deciding, cab bus cab bus cab bus cab bus... but then I couldnt find cash. SHIT. (ps. I live less than 10 minutes away from school if i cab OR bus, same amount of time) so i took the bus. got to school, STILL went to my locker, put my things away.. in my head, i was just thinking.. should i lie and say i'm really sick.. or should i do this? or that... anyways, stood outside the lab for 5 seconds, went in.. saw my lab instructor.. and i was like : hi, i'm kiiiiinda late. LOL. and he was AWESOME. my new favourite instructor. LOL, i was pretty much 50 minutes late for the lab. THANK goodness I pre-read my lab and I knew what i was doing. I was panicking Jared was like : calm down Donna.. I needed just two boiling stones.. but i shook the bottle so hard that everything flew out. took the two boiling stones... and Jared cleaned up. THEN after the lab (everything went well, thanks to my good luck and the AWESOME Jared and Jason --> my instructor) I realised I didn't pack lunch/breakfast.. not that I ever do.. but I wanted to eat! so wasted money on yucky food at the cafeteria.. and FINISHED my lab =) then I reviewed my stuff for my chemistry class.. I skipped classes so much (only went to two so far) that I forgot which classroom I was in, and I sucked the quiz. OH GOD.

end of story.

. my order from Manchester arrived, BUT no one was at home to get it.. so now I have to go pick it up. GOD KNOWS WHERE. and i was charged another 27dollars for shipping AFTER paying 20 dollars. ARGH i hate paying money for nothing!!! Thank goodness Christine's gonna bring me there tomorrow... I'm gonna be late for work tomorrow too.

bad luck please go awaaaaAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I have an assignment due tomorrow (physics). gosh.

i love school.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am B-o-r-e-d.

I wish there were more interesting blogs to read.

I wish some people could just look at themselves. TWICE. reflect themselves. and THINK.

I wish I was back in UK.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Update.

my new wallpaper =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I KNOWWW but....

I know we (Bernard and I) talked about this... BUT.... I still wanna write about my new years resolution. Be it stubborn, be it I'm bimbotic. WHatever.... JUST NEED TO GET THIS OFF my mind and vent and rant, well more like I wanna share what I want. LOL. it's not quite a new years resolution but in a way it is.

1. I need a new camera! My camera died. *sobs* I dunno if I should go ahead and invest in a nice Nikon professional camera... or to buy another pretty one. maybe a pretty one, that way i can take lots of pictures still. I had a Casio, I think i want an Olympus. But maybe I should get a Canon since I have 2 1GB SD memory cards.

2. I would, reallly reallllly realllly like to go shopping. OMG, true enough. DAY 11 since my UK trip, I have this URGE to shop. I walked past the mall today (to get home) and there's a store that has buy 1 get 2 free. another store has 70% off!!! omgggggg.

*continues after Mikado with Doris, Kevin, Steve & Shu*

3. I want to stop using ALL of my credit cards. Well, not my primary credit card. I need to pay off my line of credit.. AND start saving up. My next vacation that I have in mind: Las Vegas for my 22nd birthday (so old... sobs) and Miri for the Christmas holidays! =)

4. I yes... need to drop few pounds. actually not a few. LIKE LOTS OF POUNDS. if not how to shopppppppp.

5. I should come up with a budget sheet and a studying sheet.

I'm taking 5 courses with 4 labs right now, which is pretty challenging. But it's kinda fun thinking that this would be my schedule once I'm in Optometry because it's pretty much like 8 courses a term.

anyways, Happy Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Years.

Day 11 since my UK trip:
I've gotten a cold. (snotty situation i say)
I've paid off my credit cards (whoopie~!)
I've paid off school tuition
I've bought all my books
I've scheduled myself for my work and studying.
I've met up with most of my friends (Shaw party...)

and I'm actually studying ALOT more this term. YAY!

Decided to post more pictures of Cardiff:

This was House of Fraser: something like Holt Renfrew, except they had sales =) that's where I got my beanie!
The awesome bus driver that pretty much answered ALL my questions... AND he even told us where to stop, where to go and where to wait for the bus to go back to the City. He deserves a raise! (on our way from Cardiff Castle to Coch Castle, we unfortunately didnt go to Caephilly Castle because we woke up late and hence started our exploration late) no regrets though, we went to Cardiff Bay at night and it was soooooooo pretty =)

The three of us in Cardiff Castle. SO PRETTY (the people and scenery, especially the middle person. muahahha)
Me on the guided tour, the phone pretty much tells us everything.

Cardiff Castle, so pretty.... this was where I broke my camera. guess it was memorable? LOL

Monday, January 12, 2009



A post about my trip. LOL. my trip was soooooooooooo awesome.. that I'm soooooooo broke, and there's alot of pictures.. so SINCE everyone has Facebook, I've updated pretty much everything there. I'll post some highlights of my trip in London for now since everything else isn't sorted out yet.

School started, it's a pretty bust schedule, but believe it or not, I'm actually enjoying it. =)

Christmas Day: Sam and I being silly, the pictures ended up being cacat. thanks to me the klutz. LOL
While Bernard was in the washroom doing his business we took his PINK scarf and started to model with it. Who does it belong to more now? Me or Sam? LOLS
Silly pictures.... while walking down the streets of London at night.

Had breakfast in the park right next to Buckingham Palace.. these pigeons aren't scared of human beings at all. They just keep coming, especially if you have food. In the end we would try to kick them. HAHAHAHHA
Pictures taken while waiting to meet up with Linzhi.. I'm an angel to Sam and devil to Bernard. LOL

and.... I'm getting lazy again. (its 12.20am, forgive me)

LOL, please go through the pictures on Facebook. Bernard posted most of them, I'm still posting my London pictures... did not post other cities yet.. but maybe I should just share the funny stories... hahahahha.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Back!

Quick update...

I'm back from LONDON UK!!! woooooot wooot!

Lots of purchases, lots of pictures, lots of drinks, lots of parties... all in all, lots of fun!

Broke my camera *sobs*

I'll post more pictures but it's a tiring daaaaay :)