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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boon Boon and Desmond Ting are officially married tonight. In Malaysia.

I wanna be there.

Wish you both happiness and lots of love.


jie foooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what a day to reflect where life has come to and where it has brought me.
while watching 模範棒棒堂 i came across "sorry seems to be the hardest word". this song just brought back so many memories.. back when i was 14 years old. WOW.
i remembered someone got the DJ to play this song to me. oh wow~ i suddenly remember him :) i wonder how he is now, whether he's doing fine and whether he still misses me. MUAHAHAHHA. (dang you never call me)

anyways, i just started to reflect and i realised that my closest friends and me... we are.. still as close as we used to be, even though i havent been talking to them forever, even though we never get to chat as much, to write to each other as much, i realised im still important as they are still important to me.

i guess im still a girl who cries when she misses people, a girl who sobs in a corner when no one is looking... i really do miss everyone back in miri. and if i ever do go back, first thing i wanna do is kiss my puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best 21st bday gift ever~ is from my baby girl to me. i hope my puppies are fine. i'm a grandma now :)x

Monday, May 19, 2008

"this is Canada. we go by month, day, year format" you sound like you're from India and you say that to me! I'm so mad!!!

I got interests of $32.17 for reading the bill the wrong way. GEEZ you never send the bill to me on time how would I know. I should of just put everything under Visa.

I hate credit card companies.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I had a great time. The surprise birthday party was the best thing that happened to me this month so far. Really grateful that I have my two lovely sisters here. :)

Best things about being 21 and celebrating it?
The 21 things are:

1. Having twin friends. its like a double illusion. oooo~!... twins.. and more twins.. there's a twin effect. IT's so cool. I met three sets of twins since school started. And I'm super close with the Tam's cos Doris owns them. LOL

2. Having loads of guy friends. Loads of male spirit in the air. Crazy and meaningless jokes that cracks everyone up. BOO! (Jeremy)

3. Having friends that are close at heart. Great to work with, great to talk to, great to hang out with, great that they think just like me.

4. Having awesome co-workers. Yes, it's sad that I had to work on my birthday, but it was awesome that I had it celebrated and I'm happy to know that I'm cared for at work. (From left to right: Nadia, Travis (GM), Remah, Debbie, Khaled, Courtney)

5. Taking crazy pictures. This picture. Has no meaning. But it's cool. HAHAHAHAH

6. Being a loner. :)

7. Being a kid again.

8. Being all cute.

9. Being all silly at work.

10. Being beautiful.

11. Being directionless.

12. Being hot.

13. Being a sweety.

14. Being silly around friends.
15. Being happy.

16. Being content.

17. Realising getting drunk is not the way to everything (had martini's.. and damn rashes are back)

18. Realising playgrounds are fun when only there's the right crowd.

19. Realising that some friends still chicken out and not go skydiving.

20. I will go skydiving.

21. I want to. I will do it.

My birthday was awesome. I enjoyed it despite the fact that I'm older. Oh well. Glad that my sister did something special for me this year. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I received in Facebook, MSN, my phone.. friendster.. just everywhere. and DAVIDCHOI got me the sweeeeeetest bday videoclip! it's in my facebook wall. omg! custom made for me. AHAHAHAHAHHA~ *faints*

again... 谢谢!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

What is an excellent customer service?
What is a mind-blowing experience?
I've had the worst customer service ever since I got here. Telling me that they don't have the color without even checking. Telling me that in order to find crocs it's going to be sooooooooooooooo hard it's better off to not go search for it. And leaving me to carry the shoes to the cash. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

I'm a customer and I deserve the proper service everyone should get. Even if it's five minutes to closing there's no freaking reason to do that. To play catch with another employer in front of me and to ignore me? To not even take it to consideration that I could get them fired?!

Anyways, I guess it's my birthday night and I'm just being an old woman. I make sure all my customers get a mind-blowing experience and I make sure they're educated and they're told about the sales. I'll do anything to get that guy fired or to apologize or to even consider about going back to work. What is a store with employee's manager calls "monkeys"?

SportChek, City Center. Worst place to get shoes if a black young guy is the person in charge.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i have a feeling that i'm losing the grip to life.
i lost the feeling i once had towards work and life.
i lost everything that used to be here.
i dont know what i want anymore.
i dont know. i dont know.
i cant mingle. i cant socialize. i cant do anything right. im socially awkward and im not proud of it.
this is nuts. this is not fun.
im turning 21 soon and there's nothing i want more than my life back.
i hate how my sister has an expectation on how i should behave.
i think i should give up my purpose to stay here.
do i really want to?

went to the award gala for "You're Welcome Edmonton Awards", I guess I achieved at LEAST something in life. I was a nominee out of so many. and this was a great experience. i also realised that there's a disadvantage to being allergic to alcohol. damn asian blood.
freaking caucasian guy needs to check himself out in the mirror and get someone to judge his talents before he bluffs. oh gowd! gross guy. wonder why he got nominated. bleh~

anyways... skydiving? need to get that done soon. life? need to find it back.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! <3

Monday, May 5, 2008

some randoms i found in my phone. the invention of camera phones is remmmmmarkable :)

the EC robe that i folded....
me waiting for the EC door to open~ think it was becky that was playing with my phone
my hair.. see brown..blonde.. and bits of purple..
jedith, me and jane... our wem trip
justin and peter.. grad season.. fun times.
jennifer and i.. in the bus heading to wem
my sushi~~~~ i made it i made it:)
my henna lizard
dana and her kick-ass pink bicycle
doris back when her hair was long and her skin was super tanned
my super duper cool bacteria :) ecoli i think
the gym i take my exam in...
elmo elmo elmo elmo elmo~~
some kinda burnt thingy kevin cooked.
debbie and i prior heading to the bar
little daven and mummy..
me and my tongue...
little doggy in the mall..
my aweeeesome chemistry experiment.
roc star roc star.. yeahh~ #3 in Canada :)
some gross gum found on the bus ~ i'm a retard i know i know
a view of what i see while at the bus stop
jared and kevin hugging doris BACK then.
jared attempting to l-i-c-k doris
my hair color stripped twice
jennifer at red robins
my BAGS of groceries.. at least 20lbs...
darren and i @ their living room
look at debbie arching her brows.. @ mcD
britney me and aleece

wow~ fun times. all from my phone.. pics were taken since i got my phone.. almost a year old... i miss everyone that was once in my life :)

Winter is officially over... the beautiful river that was frozen now looks like this...
and so i went for my walk... *skips*
this is the view of downtown from the park... my apartment doesnt look that big anymore from here...
the river... well i think it's actually a lake..
BIRDS!!! pretty birds!!
the park....
my dream apartment ~~ so pretty... with the balcony on the 3rd floor.. such a peaceful area with a park right in front of the apartments... sigh~
more more more more more
more more more more...

daddy..... choose one real estate and call them.. i wanna live there.. *sigh* :)