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Friday, May 29, 2009

My random update =)

somehow.. loading pics don't seem to work with having words in between them.
(little Brother, Doris and I at Marina Bay)


(Song, Hao, Me n Casper)


(My morning breakfast.. oh so good,... I finished it all) LOL

May 29, 2009 Friday

Been a good girl today, for the first time since I came back… I FINALLY WENT JOGGING with mum. HAHAHAH, I met my aunt there, did two rounds of just walking and a round running. I think I actually have better stamina from all that grocery shopping and ‘running after the bus’ sprints.

Then we went to a coffee shop nearby sri maju(this tuition/extra classes school that I went to), sri mawar(my first school that taught me malay), and dato permaisuri(my high school) (aka. piasau area). They had pretty good kolok mee… mmmm. I only managed to take a picture of the finished bowl. HAHAHAHA.

Doris, Mum and I went for a shampoo blowdry today, mum and I got our hair treatment done as well. I met Gertrude at the salon and it was pretty odd to bump into her there. When we were done, it was time to pick little Brother up. It was the last day of school for him and he just finished his term exam so he was SO SUPER HAPPY. We went for lunch at 2020, saw Shak Choon there =) Then Mum went back to her shop and Doris, little Brother and I went home and I slept til… was time to hit the BEACH!!!! WOOT WOOT!

We headed back downtown.. I picked my friends up (btw, my driving skills are getting better.. Back to the way it was. HAHAHAHA) and we went for ais kacang. (It’s some kinda snack ppl have here, like a slushie, but BETTER!) Mum didn’t… actually Mum REFUSED to go to the beach because she didn’t want to tan at all.. So I went with my friends and we took some preeeetty nice pictures there.

We left around 7pm.. After the sunset and all, and then we found this open fire near Sri Maju and it was near a transformer.

I thought it was better for me to call them so that they would put the fire off OR ELSE the fire would get to the transformer and an explosion could possibly happen.I had to call some landline..
Not 911 or 991 or 999. Some 085 433 222
Me (M): Hello?
Cops (C): (Something along the line on how may I help you)
M: There’s a fire occurring near a transformer around the area Sri Maju, would you be able to look at it?
C: Hah? Apa? I don’t speak English-lah.M: Hmph, ada kebakaran yang sedang berlaku dan dia sangat dekat dengan transformer, boleh tengok kah?
C: Oh, kamu telifon nombor ini: 433 730
[Oh, call this number: 433 730]
M: Huh? Okay bye.

Calls the other number 433730

M: (repeats the same thing)
C: oh…. Dekat mana? Mana itu?
[Oh, Where’s it at? Where is that?]
M: dekat Sri Maju, di shophouse sana, belakang Sri Maju ada transformer, ada orang bakar barang di sana dan dia bahaya. Boleh tengok kah?
[near Sri Maju, near the shophouses, there’s a transformere behind Sri Maju and someone left someone burning there and its dangerous. Can you take a look at it?]
C: Okay, Okay Saya tengok dulu. Apa nama dan nombor anda?
[ Okay, okay I’ll take a look at it. Whats your name and number?]
M: (gives all that)Hangs up.

Ten minutes later, I get a call from a cell phone.

C: Hai, Saya polis.[Hi, I’m the police]
M: Okay, do you need help?
C: Di mana kebakaran itu? Api itu kuat kah?
[Where is the fire again? Is it strong?]
M: (repeats the whole thing…) and yes it is strong, I have pictures of it that I can send to the papers and they can publish it so you can see it tomorrow if you want.
C: Okay okay, Saya panggil ahli bomba dan saya pergi sekarang.
[Okay okay, I’ll call the fire fighters and I’ll go now]
M. Kay, Bye.

OMG. How ridiculous.

They are the least reliable people to call. I don’t even understand why we’re supposed to call a landline when it’s an emergency. Don’t they have a switchboard?

And Malaysia, hire some English speaking operators. Do you not expect foreigners to call and be concerned about things that you guys aren’t concerned about? Do you not expect people who don’t speak JUST MALAY to call? OMG.

I’m just utterly disturbed. HAHAHAH. Yeah I seriously am.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuxedo'ed cuties.

I'd update my Asia trip... BUT I don't have my laptop with me at the moment.

But here's some funny stuff that I've come across so far:

Why is a penguin black but white on it's tummy?
My Answer: Because it tans on its tummy
Real Answer: Because the penguin has short hands.. and it can only clean its tummy.


Things I do in Kuala Lumpur:
1. Wake up at noon
2. Eat at any given opportunity (ALL THE TIME)
3. Talk non-stop
4. Stupid pictures.

The malls here are pretty awesome.. I'm loving the weather.. but not the humidity.. it makes me sticky all over. I have to shower loads here. UGH.

I just sent a postcard back to my workplace.. so hopefully you guys will get it soon.


(It's my birthday weekend and we're going to Genting tomorrow, I am super blessed to have my close friends to celebrate my birthday with me. Hopefully it'll be loads of fun.)

I'm looking forward to be home in Miri so I can see my family. I'm missing my little brother and he's definately one expensive little brother. HAHAHHA

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


anyways.. i thought i could update my blog here.. but apparently this computer does not allow me to open anything from my usb port. so gotta wait til im back!

wish i had my laptop with me.. BOO.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hong Kong Day 2 and Day 3

My Bong-Blog. LOL.. Sorry for not updating, but it’s definitely more happening and MUCH more merrier in Miri, my little sweet hometown.
Alright… so I’ll update it based on the days that I missed.

ps: I am no longer the owner of my kickass Versace sunglasses. They have found a better suited owner, my aunt. Cos they look great on her, and it suits her loads more. So yeah, gotta find a new pair to replace that!

May 2 2009, Saturday
Places we went to:
1. Wong Tai Sin
2. Mongkok - Ladies Street
3. Mongkok - Bo Hai Kai (Sneaker Street)
4. Mongkok - Men’s Street
5. Mongkok - Jade Market
6. Tsim Sha Tsui - Avenue of Stars
7. Tsim Sha Tsui - Symphony of Lights
8. Causeway Bay - Dinner

The night before, Doris said she’d be sleeping in because she was super tired. Me and Tony decided to wake up early to go for breakfast and let her sleep in. Unfortunately, I went to bed at 6am and that was when Doris woke up. So far for sleeping in, lols. I was watching my Taiwan shows all night. I had enough sleep from the plane, since all I did was eat and sleep.Took some pictures of Tony sleeping.. Took some pictures of the view outside our hotel room…Then went to bed myself.

First stop was Wong Tai Sin.We went to the temple, prayed, gave our respects and took loads of pictures. Its really pretty there. We took some crazy picturest too. Did LOADS of touristy stuff.. Then it got too hot and ashy so I started to tear and we left for breakfast/lunch/brunch.
We went to Mongkok and Jordan Street (actually I‘m not too sure if we actually went there), and Tsim Sha Tsui, the main places people go to shop. Did not find anything (because apparently there’s actually little staircases in the buildings and elevators and that actually brings you to the real shopping wonderland. Didn’t realise that til the next two days) I had a BAD bloody nose in Hong Kong that day. Did not have tissue, had to buy tissue for 3HKD and it had menthol on it so it made my nose all minty and it just made it feel worse. Bloody noses are bad… so I had LOADS of drinks.

Ladies Street, is awesome. Loads of stuff. Fake stuff, cheap stuff, t-shirts, shoes, watches, bags, towels, pajamas, you name it they got it.Bo Hai Kai, is this CRAZY strip of small shophouses that sells sneakers, mostly adidas and nike, converse, vans and Birkenstocks. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY, we went into so many that shoes were starting to look the same… so we ended up not buying any.Found a pair of adidas flip flops that day and switched into those so that I didn’t have to get more blisters from my crocs.

We went to the Avenue of Stars, and watched the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights. It was pretty awesome. The buildings would have their lights coordinated to the song tunes and it would look as if the whole of Hong Kong was dancing to the beat of the song.
Took pictures with the hand prints of some asian stars.. Had this reaaaaly good fresh cuttlefish, and then we headed back to Causeway Bay for dinner. We couldn’t find the street that had a lot of food selection so unfortunately for that night we ended up in a random restaurant. Still, HK food is pretty awesome :)

May 3 2009, Sunday
Places we went to:
1. Time Square - Super Star Seafood Restaurant (Dim Sum)
2. The Peak
3. Mongkok
4. The Toilet Restaurant

Woke up earlier today, I actually slept, I believe I snored too. LOL. Doris woke up at 6am again, this time taking my laptop downstairs to go online. After we got ready, we headed out looking for the Hong Kong DimSum we’ve been wanting. The hotel suggested us to go to “Hong Sing”, it was on the 12th floor of Times Square. Pretty impressive restaurant. It’s actually called Super Star Seafood Restaurant, and it has pretty awesome décor inside. They had people dressed up in nice clothes being the order takers, ushers and customer service representatives, and the regular aproned kinda women serving the food we ordered. Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch was just 100HKD and it was really good. So that was good stuff.

Tony then went to meet up with his friend, Christina, and Doris and I stuck around in Times Square to shop. We initially wanted to go to the washroom, but once we walked pass the cosmetics section in Lane Crawford, there was no turning back. LOL. It’s kinda like a Holt Renfrew in Edmonton, I’m sure every country has their own high end store. But yeah, told Doris that I was looking for my own perfume and we found it pretty fast! It was the new Flora from Gucci, sweet flowery scent. Good stuff.Doris was looking at concealers, and I was looking at stuff to cover up my baaaaad dark circles.

Then we went to Gucci, Coach and Burberry to look at travel bags. Found a really nice one in Coach but Doris didn’t like it. Met Tony and Christina around 2ish and we headed to The Peak. (You can basically see the whole of Hong Kong city from the peak)Loads of pictures, which you will see…
Then after the peak, we went to Mongkok. Thinking that we walked the whole of Mongkok, we were pretty disappointed with what we saw because it took less than a couple hours for us to finish walking the area yesterday. Little did we know that night, we took the stairs up and there were SO MANY MORE STORES on the higher levels!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! And our shopping spree began. LOL.

By the end of the night, we got really tired, and we found the restaurant that I’ve been looking for, The Modern Toilet, so we had our dinner there.
Doris posted pictures of what we had, but it was pretty good. The food wasn’t excellent though. I would of ordered something else if I knew that my crazy desert was going to be CRAZY.

Took the bus home, the double decker bus… because Doris has been wanting to sit on the double decker since the very first day we got there. So called sa-kai. LOL. They drive so fast there, its definitely not impossible for you to fly out the window. We were on the first row on the second level, and yes we had our seat belts on. LOL

May 4 2009, Monday
Places we went to:

1. Mui Wo - Lantau Island
2. The Giant Buddha
3. Po Lam Monastery
4. The Wisdom Path
5. Jumbo Floating Restaurant
6. Tsim Sha Tsui

Today was our big mission, we went to extreme ends of Hong Kong to visit places. First we went to Mui Wo, which was better known as Lantau Island. We had to take a 30-minute ferry ride and then a 30-minute bus ride to reach the place. And yeah, we slept all the way. LOL.

The Giant Buddha was pretty big, loads of pictures. Right around the area was the Po Lam Monastery, and The Wisdom Path. The Wisdom Path was a long winded road, then we reached this place where it had so many pillars with Chinese words engraved on it. PRETTY COOL =)Po Lam Monastery reminds me of places that monks would practice their kungfu all day.
Then we headed back to the city, and TOOK THE BUS AGAIN all the way to Aberdeen. Then we took a free ferry, and now to think of it.. It wasn’t exactly a free ferry cos the food was soooooooo super expensive! We had our dinner at Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Then Tony and I went to Tsim Sha Tsui for more shopping and Doris headed back to the hotel because she was starting to get all coughed up from the seafood.

note: this took forever to blog.. because life is so much more interesting here. WOOOPIE! I LOVE HOME!
note note: i can't seem to upload my pictures right.. so ill try to figure it out.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hong Kong Updates.

Project 365: Day 5, April 30 2009
Samantha driving Doris and I to the airport. We're actually leaving Canada to go home. awww.. and I decided to make this part of Project 365 since Sam is playing a HUGE role, she has the keys to my apartment. LOL

Reached Hong Kong, in our coach to our hotel... it was just Doris and I in the whole coach.. prettttty awesome.

The Harbour Tunnel... WOOO WOOOOO~~ T

Project 365: Day 6, May 1 2009
Shortest May 1st ever... slept and slept and slept so much on the plane.. by the time we reached it was technically already 6.55pm May 1st... so.......... yeah lost a day.. then went to the hotel, slept some more.. when Tony got here we went out and found this place called Toi. pretty awesome.
The store display was pretty attractive.

Tony picking out what to eat.

We did some walking around the neighbourhood in Causeway bay.. kinda ended up in the next area... i think it's wan chai.. but yeah we were quite the walkers.

Project 365: Day 7, May 2 2009
Us in the streets of Hong Kong.. we did so much more that day.. but I will post that some other day.

Project 365: Day 8, May 3 2009
Modern Toilet =) Yeahh.. I've reached my main purpose of coming to Hong Kong.. NOT!! But this was one of my goals. hahahah~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu.

Doris and I have reached Hong Kong safely... checked into our hotel, and fell asleep til Tony called us from the airport.. then we went out for a walk and had a rice pizza (weird hey!) and I had a mango sundae.

We walked around town and saw Metropark Hotel (<-- click it click it!!) with people like the picture above, that was one of our choices before we decided to book our stay with Cosmopolitan Hotel... and yeah.. first outbreak in Asia in HK!

Don't worry guys we're fine. Just thought I'd post this so you guys could read it too.

April 30th our time (Canada Time):
Sam slept over, and sent us to the airport.. had breakfast at Timmy's and we saw people wearing masks in the airport. I pulled an all nighter packing because I've been procrastinating.
Anyways, once we got on the plane... I slept like MAD. was only up for food, and pretty much was sleeping for the rest of the time. During our 12 hour and some minutes... I stayed up, watched half of Bolt, watched half of Twilight (really good movie I wanna finish watching it) and watched the whole of Slumdog Millionaire! Realllly good, definately recommend it.

May 1st (HK Time):
Got to the airport.. had some health declarations, took our coach to the hotel... and it was awesome. It was just Doris and me in the entire bus!!!! But we're such losers we ended up sitting on the front row together. so it was pretty much like a normal car ride again. hahahaha

anyways.. will definately post more pictures up... I'm in the lobby now and I didn't bring my camera down with me.

I LOVE HONG KONG! lols~ we're heading to Mongkok and Jordan Street tomorrow... there's more places that we're planning to go too.