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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Way I Spent My Money *grins*

and so i came home one day... (1st day of after-exams) with two heavy bags... containing everything that i always wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sooo happy!

since i promised to post the things i bought.. here yaaa go! i got good deals okay? *laughs* mango sugar scrub~ for my after pedicure-d feet :)
MY IPOD!!! iPod classic - 160GB. silver - it's a little too big for me (the amount it can hold) ... but i like the size and the weight of it.
my Casio digicam - its metallic pink... and i dunno why i didn't take a picture of it on its own.. but its pink :) *loves* and the best part is i can take 10.00 minutes video in YouTube format so i can post it all up. Doris will get to become the next esmeedenters :)
and so the salesperson told me i needed to spend another 150 to get my 12 months interest free card. so i bought some more stuff. this lightscribe cd is perfect... i can make cool albums... one day? :P
a mouse for me.. so i won't take the one doris has... its easier to scroll and click then dragging my fingertip on the mouse-piece on my laptop. especially if im eating.

i bought a 1GB memory card for my camera... it was on sale! *yay* and a screen protector that comes in 4 pieces but i think i wont be using it anymore cos i fumbled with the first perfect piece and it didn't turn out right. i don't think i know how to cut rectangles properly. argh im sooo angry! i have 3 more chances though!
and THIS!!! is the sweeeeetest phone ever! its just 7 bucks! its metallic blue... and it has a sunflower on it~! heheh~ its for our suite... now u can press 280 and buzz us! instead of us going all the way down to open the door. hahaha
this is one retarded thing that i bought. i INITIALLY thought it was cool to have a headset with a mic and to even switch colors on the headset. retarded... gonna return that and get an ipod case instead because i scratched my ipod on the second day and there's fingerprints all over it. dang!
before i left the mall.. i checked out the gift store.. thought of getting some new animals to add it to my collection.. so i got a monkey :)

and a hippo (angie *loves*)
and prior to all those purchases... i went to my favourite shop.. and i found the best bargains ever! my bags are just 5 bucks each... :) *lihai leh*

its silly to have two same bags.. but different colors.. i can use it for different occasions with different clothes rite? :)

bought bags... bought some shoes to go with it too! :D (20 bucks each.... where to FIND!!!)

some silver and some gold...
lols~ yeahh.. i was proud.. and happy... and tired too.. THS the bad eye bags.. the pimple outbreak.. but yeahh.. it was a great day!
and i stopped at the last shop and found the two things Doris and I needed ever since we moved into our place... picture hangers! *hahahahahha* 87 cents each.. contains 10 hooks and nails. sweeeet~ lols~ YEAH.... and so the whole thing totaled up to more than 1000.. but i did work 6 hours that day.. thats 60 dollars of income :) muahahahha..

i love holidays! *merry christmas!!!!!!!*

Friday, December 14, 2007

finding a pathetic reason to CRY

i was finding a pathetic reason to cry...

then i came across Jay Chou's "I'm not Worthy".

its so SAD!!!!!!!!!!!! *bawls*

its so sad . . . and i'm so pathetic . . . omigosh~ sighs~

i'm not even in a relationship and seeing how that girl is treated really hurts me.. so kelian...

things aren't really going my way.

karma man. :(


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I miss Miri.

YAY! i finished my Fall 2007 term.

i'm really happy, walked home with a grin on my face :D

this really nice guy sat next to me during my finals, and I'm happy that he left like at the end of the exam when I was about to finish too so I didn't freak out... Sorry man i kept shaking the table and kicking the table. lols~ i know u'd wanna choke me. oh well. just pray u wont see me next term.

and so Right after my finals. here I am. doing nothing. oh my god i'm so bored!
i wanna go home. Carter gets to go home, Deki is home, dang....

Roti Canai.
Kolok Mee + Kicap + Chilli
Roti canai.

. . . omg. what's wrong with me? i can only think about the 3 dishes. i'm losing it!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!

i miss home. miss my car. miss my cars. miss my car. miss beebee. miss beezai (RIP), miss little Daven. miss mommy. miss daddy. miss cousins (the cool ones). miss auntie. miss uncle. miss my car. miss my sofa. miss my tv. miss my remote control. miss the cash i had in hand. miss my painted hp. miss my friends. miss the swimming pool. miss the traffic jam. miss the 8 hours daylight. miss the weather. miss the rain. miss 2020. miss senadin coffee shop. miss driving to lutong. miss reverse parking. miss sleeping in class. miss getting my hair done. i miss being the one in miri. i miss seeing my friends back. i miss so much stuff. i wanna go home...


Monday, December 10, 2007

Fall 2007

the christmas that's coming!!!

my fall 2007 is going to be officially over tomorrow at 4pm... right after my hardcore chemistry paper. ooo boy~

i know i should be studying now but i'm just mad with all the questions. taking my 3 hour break from studying now. lols~

had a great term and i met loads of fun friends.

Chelsey - my Bio lab partner: we practically break stuff every lab, my Chem lab partner and my Bio lecture partner. she's one smart blondie that you wont wanna mess with :D

Carter - the emotionless guy thats soooo smart. yikes! mr. smarty pants thats turning 18 soon.. finally. lols~ i'm lucky to have him and Chelsey around at all times. the two people i can call on and just start yakking. though he is soooooooooooooo annoyed of me :p

Courtney - my Econ buddy and my chem buddy too.. it's crazy how i met close friends that names start with 'C'. its a thing... hmm..

Marijana - crazy hippie: my Chem Partner.. man the class won't be the same without her.. love this crazy lady.. lols~ gotta go to her fav I-Ho some day and hang out there.. lols. watch everyone get drunk but me.

Dave - aw.. the chef, met him in the cafeteria then found out that we actually have ALMOST every spare at the same time. didn't spend much time with him.. but everytime we do.. it's crazy. we never end up having any studying done. boooo~

Chas - guy that never comes to class, and if he does, he wont be taking any notes or he'd be on Facebook.. writing notes into my wall. hmph. smartie.

Travis - my Econ buddy as well. man he's mr blurr guy. always enjoyed having him and my adorable lecturer in the class. :D

Jessica - my English buddy and Econ buddy.. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna see her still cos English is throughout the ENTIRE year. yay~~ *yawns* (i'm yawning cos of my English class, not because of her. lols~ she's a sweetie)

There's Yoshi that i'm pretty sure i'd see even after the term since we work together.. umm Doris's friends.. Jane, Jedith, Kevin, Jared, David... yay~ lols!

There's Kristina, Nicole, Amy, Will, David, Kelsey, Andrew, Curtis... lols.. the list goes on. :p
well, i'm pretty happy with all the new friends i made and met this term.

looking at the little list that i made.. i AM pretty happy with the amount of fun friends i made. I don't need 1000 friends to keep the world spinning.Quality friends work best :D

lols~ i know they're glad i'm not in their classes anymore.. the end of Donna and her annoyingness.. lols~ wait, there's still Facebook! hahahaha~
(i know BoonBoon is rolling her eyes now.. i know it i know it :p)

looking forward to a warm christmas.. some snowboarding with Henry *if it turns out this time*, a good income making month :D, and a great WINTER 2008 term!!!
(the smile on my face)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

English 101

That time thou year in mayst in me behold - Sonnet 73, William Shakespeare.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds - Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare.

I'm Nobody-Who are you?
Are you a - Nobody too?
Don't tell - they'd advertise - #288, emily dickinson

I heard a fly buzz- when I died - #465, emily dickinson

i started early- took my dog -#520, emily dickinson

because i could not stop for death-
he kindly stopped for me - #712, emily dickinson

the whiskey on his breathe - my papa's waltz, theodore roethke

i'm addicted. *frowns*

2 down 5 more to go~

Biology Lab Final - check.

Chemistry Lab Final - check.

5 more to go!!!! wooohoo~

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our Daily Bread.

Just thought that i would post up what we purchased the OTHER day.. when we went to chinatown. i found the essence of chicken! buy 6 get a free plate also.. lols~

then we have a bunch of instant noodles. doris' so-called herbal noodles. stinks the whole room with herb smells. hahah~ there's pasta.. there's japanese rice.. there's normal white rice in the white plastic bag (got it from auntie magie SINCE we moved in. hahaha) and there's more instant noodles in the green freshkon bag (EOG.. ehem ehem)
i don't know why we bought soya milk.. but its not good. er.. yeah.. not AS good. there's herbs.. we still have it.. we're supposed to make good nutritious chicken soup.... obviously no one has done that yet.. more sauces are in the fridge.. salad sauce, marinade sauce, jams, butter, mayonnaise, pasta sauce. lols... anything to make the food taste better.
fresh fruits! yeeeea~ lols.. tomatoes... carrots.. cabbage.. and avocado (darn i dunno how to open or cut one.. i bought it to make sushi... made sushi without avocado in the end cos its so hard to cut open. does anyone know how?)

yeah.. well.. the food lasted us.. for bout.. umm.. im not sure.. but we still have loads of them in the fridge. we NEED to start cooking actively. lols

LOVES again.


i love you too :D

wow i missed both mommy and daven and daddy's birthday.

i missed your anniversary too...

just had a little chat with you guys.. but i had to study...
when i was looking for my Biology report book, i couldnt find it.. it was in SCHOOL!!!!

so i ran out and got inside the bus in time.
reached school in amazingly 4 minutes..
after i got my books i had to wait 20 minutes for the bus again. no mittens, no scarf, no socks, screw that..

so i started running home.
omg that was the coldest run ever.. omg omg omg~

well.. i didn't have to wait 20 minutes for the bus :) *smirks*

i made it home in 20 minutes.

back to reading...

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Happy Birthday Little Daven!

Er Jie LOVES you~


have a great birthday!! talk to you soon~

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm addicted to Facebook.
and Friendster.

Finals are coming. I'm going to quit Facebook and Friendster til my finals are done.


I will and I shall.

kev n Dor.. i'm emo? yeah.. wadeV.. lols.

I need to get rid of this addiction.

and maybe deactivate the web service on my phone too cos i'm so addicted. blah.


omg. i dunno. i hope i do well.

and i have to take IELTS and this english test. retarded. a total waste of money. sigh!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I don't understand...

I don't understand....




. . .


it's just annoying.


I don't understand it anyways.


signs off.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pissed *runs into wall*

Gosh.. hate this so much.

i'm sooooo pissed!

i was so happy that there was a promotion going on in the jewellery store.



50% off silver. why the heck would i wanna spend my money on silver.



went in.. not impressed.

went out... not impressed.

things in the promotion booklet aren't available anyways.. waddddd~

waste of my time, effort n feelings.


sorry mom.. i wished i could of gotten u diamonds.

*kicks air*


Get Paid for your Opinion!
Work from the comfort of your own home
Its extremely easy and anyone can do it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm 20.5 years old. :P

christmas is coming.


i think.

sales going on.


i am going to buy diamonds tomorrow.

my first time in my entire life.

one for me.

one for Doris.

one for Mum.

one for aunt Vivian. (person i love most after my family)

i wonder how much i will spend.

i hope i don't overspend.

i am broke.

i will be broke.

i don't want to be broke.

i will work harder.

and i did not forget my books.

books are my love. school is my passion.

i wonder how my aunt is. i miss her alot. i miss everyone.

. . .

yea~ i do.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I... am just mean.

i'm being mean lately.

i'm being very very mean.

i just don't feel like talking since i have to talk all day at work.

maybe i should just get a job as a librarian. so i wont have to talk.

i dun think anyone will understand me. how i hate talking... how.. well i do love talking.. but i guess i like alone time too..

i like being alone in my own world.. i think i have a lil' bit of that.. (ANTM contestant has that disease) where you just find it hard to relate to society and to social around.

i seriously am losing my sense of social..

i dont think i find it a point to do so.

whats the point of making new friends when the old ones are just as good?

whats the point of making new friends if you don't plan to be nice to them or vice versa?


well, im being mean to my sister too..
i'm just being a pain in the ass..
i think i would talk to her more if we were friends. then we can hang out on certain days.

i dunno..

im just mean.

Get Paid for your Opinion!
Work from the comfort of your own home
Its extremely easy and anyone can do it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007



i just realised i hardly fill in questionnaires.. since i just finished my midterm.. i'm gonna do some just for the hell of it! :D

Whats my typeee? *dreams*... *grin*... *drool*

1. What kind of boys do you like?

this i would make a list! :D
i like guys with:
that perrrfect body u just wanna run over and hug.. lols~
a great smile..
a great sense of humor..
a smart brain... and a brain.

2. Confident or shy?
Shy.. so i can bully them.. lols

3. Cute or cool?
if he's cute... that means he's cool..
if he's cool.. means he's not cute but omg gaga!!!

4. Chinito or big eyes?
wad is chinito? nawp dun like big eyes... i like eyes that are just perfect with glasses and perfect without glasses.. lols

5. Friendly or picky?
Friendly dammmit.. lols~ who'd want a picky little shit?

6. Fashionable or casual?
Casual - laid back.. but able to dress up on occasions.. like most days.. muahahha

7. Interesting or funny?
Funny... and interesting..
If he's just interesting... he could get boring.. lols

8 . Mysterious or out -in-the-open?
hmmmm... out in the open!!! i dun read minds!

9. Intelligent or witty?
dun think this would be a choice..he should come in both.. lols~

10. Rich or middle class?
it doesnt matter.. as long as he doesn't use my money.. cos i need to spend... ALOT.. hahaha

11. Romantic or buddy type?
Buddy typeeeee!! nah.. romantic.. cos i've got tons of buddies

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

for my mommmie



Monday, November 5, 2007

hate the weather.

its SO cold! :(

i just feel like hiding under my throw and my blanket and under a thick thick hoodie with sweatpants and the thickest socks available. and just sleep. *whines*

its tooo cold for me to handle. i don't think i'll make it through alive. *omg*

this is just the beginning of winter... and it'll take a month or so to get used to, and after that you will be fine- uncle Lai. *waaaaad* one month. i'm gonna dieeee!

well anyways, I'm gonna go snowboarding!! hahaha~ i know it's cold, but I just keep thinking about that everyday.. and that keeps me alive I guess. Nov 24, significant day.

there are a few goals i need to accomplish before i turn 21, and snowboarding is part of it. gotta get a few days off from work tooo..

Nov 23 would be me and Doris' baby sister's bday party... loads going on in November...

mummy's bday,- sang happy bday to her last night throught the webbie, it was fun.. hehe~ and we took our family pics through the display.. hahah~ very very interesting

little daven's bday... - gotta make him know that he shouldn't spend his money like how i spend mine.. gosh im bad influence.. he's just spending and spending and spending..

midterm to come on Thursday(chemistry), a paper to hand in this Tuesday(english)

this is the student life that i had always been wanting. now that i have it, i just wanna scream and run home and hide under my blanket cos.... i'd like it if it wasnt as cold as it is now. BOO!

so yeaaah.. enough ranting bout the friggin weather. back to my beloved pride and prejudice.

ps: i hate applying to uni.. its ripping me off.. 20 dollars for this.. 20 dollars for that... addduhh~

Sunday, October 28, 2007

i turned 40... no 60 years old.

yeah... and so i turned 60 years old today.

its the halloween weekend and everyone has something to do.
here i am.
all alone at home. sleeping through the night.

had plans with friends to go to their house for a pumpkin carving gathering...but i couldn't make it cos i had assignments and reports to do.

i feel like an old grandma... well at least im warm in the house with a big warm hoodie n sweat pants.

i hate the weathers. it makes me feel tired n sick. how i wished it'd be spring or fall.. even summer is tolerable now i guess..

gonna have a steamboat dinner tomorrow which i realllly am excited to go to~ get me to meet aunt n uncle again n play with mashi! (white bunny)

aunt cindy i s back from malaysia too.. hope she had a great trip.. can't wait to get my things from her too..

will be going out with debbie this week to do some shopping.. and to congratulate her for doing such a wonderful job keeping her n little darren together :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

dum dum dummmmy

so glad i was early for my chemistry class today,
had a chat with the girls from my class.. and I realised that dental hygiene in u of a actually takes up the same amount of time as in toronto! hahaha~
dummmmy betul

anyways.. i applied for u of a..
first of all, if im in the program, i might be able to head for a degree..
second of all its like $12000 cheaper!

and i thought $36000 was a good deal for 18 months. muahahha.. i'm so happy that i realised this in time.

deadline for the application was November 1... so i'm actually 4 days ahead! lols~


just keep your fingers crossed that i'll be accepted and hopefully HOPEFULLY courses i took in Malaysia will not be equivalent to anything here so they wont use that to transfer my credits. cos i need AWFULLY goood, no.. EXCELLENT grades to get in.

*i hope i hope!*

Monday, October 15, 2007

du du du~



midterm coming up.

this wednesday. yay~ *yawns*

it makes me tired thinking about it, and drives me crazy reviewing it...

anyways, back I go to my beloved Biology :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Introducing my computer... Dexter.

Kay.. this is how it works. i'm not a good blogger.. but i still wanna blog bout my laptop. my 'good' purchase :)
muahahhahaha.. pictures are not in order.. but u can follow the sequence that i label to look at it. then you will see how this blog was SUPPOSED to be. muahha..
my white hp laptop. brand new. all mine. :D


before its turned on for the verrrry first time :D




i read the manual... though i set up my other one the other day. just thought it would be safer reading the instructions...


my laptop and jie jie's laptop.. both very very very pretty laptops. :)

t'was this was the box i brought home,
t'was was i ever ever soooo happy,
and thisssss was mine!


me and her :)


me and my opening skills.. used our knife from the kitchen. one of the 19 pieces i purchased.

greaaat deal.


my laptop from the top view!


everything all out.. muahahahha.. dig dig dig.. got every piece of stuff in the box out.


SO..... beauty and guys...

This is my brand new laptop. she's dexter. i know dexter is a masculine name but we (Debbie & I) decided to name her Dexter cos Dexter is a smart computer name. n she needs to be extremely smart to be helping me with acing my courses and doing my homework.

Well, if you were wondering : Didn't she just buy a laptop weeks ago?

I did... and unfortunately i veli veli soi.. i couldnt go online with it.. so i had to return it. maybe cos i dunno how.. or maybe cos it was defected. well anywayssss...

This is 50 dollars more expensive, but it's waaaay waaaay waaaaay better. and the best part? it's still white. :P

The process of me purchasing this:

thought to myself 'daaaangg.. needa pass up my assignment by Tuesday and i need to do it.. and i want my own laptop do complete it...'

so i went online and started browsing all over.. saw the one i purchased last time and sobbbed over it like a boy cos i missed it so. but anyhoo... it popped up that they had it in stock online and i could purchase it!

so i did.. then out of no where i started looking at other models.. and found this one <3

so i cancelled my purchase online since they had this model in store.. called them.. 15 minutes to closing.. asked them to confirm that they had it.. wait... wait... waited.. waited... 10 minutes gone. she told me they had it. i wanted it. i needed it!

so i told them that i would be there in 3 minutes. ran downstairs in my pajamas.. with a jacket duh.. ran to westin hotel.. nearest to my house with looooads of cabs waiting in line.. *wait!* *smacks my head* i just realised that macdonald hotel is right next to my building..

anyways.. the taxi got me there.. it was 8.59pm.. the guy was pulling the grills.. i tried to act as if i wasnt desperate.. 'PLEASE LET ME GET IT!!! i neeeed to buy my laptop today!!!!' lols.. he was like, go and find the computer guy.

phew! passed that...

the computer guy helped me get my laptop.. and unfortunately i couldnt use my futureshop card to purchase cos it was used to purchase the one online and i cancelled it so it had to take froggin 5 business days to return my credit. so i had to use my mastercard, visa card, and my debit card.. swipe till all of them smoked.

spend 15 dollars on the taxi which i could of walked there on usual days. but anyways.. i got it.. and i'm extremely pleased with it. turned it home when i reached home.. and it detected our wireless connexion.. SWEET pie :)

so that's the story of my dexter.

some technical details about it so my computer guys back in Malaysia can let me know that i've got a good one:


HP Pavilion AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core Mobile Technology TL-58 1.9GHz Laptop (DV6660SE)

Base Features

Optical Drive
LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±RW W/ DL
Processor Type
AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core TL-58
Screen Size
Expandable Video Memory
Up To 559MB
Integrated Video Memory
Upgradable Video System
Audio Chipset
Digital Input
Hardware Volume Control
Integrated Microphone
Speaker Wattage
Not Listed
Card Reader - Compatible Memory Types
ExpressCard/34 Input
HDCP Compliant
HDMI Output
IR Receiver
S-Video Output
Type of Modem
56K V.92
VGA Output
Ethernet Port
Integrated 10/100BASE-T LAN (RJ-45)
Integrated WiFi
Battery - Number of Cells
Processor Cache
512KB+512KB L2
System Bus
Up To 1600MHz
Pre-loaded Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium
Notebook Depth
35.7 cm
Notebook Weight (including Battery)
2.8 kg

so.. what do YOU think ? :)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My current hair cut and color.

So... up came the mood to start practising how to take pictures by myself.. took my sister's camera.. and started taking and taking and taking and taking
*snapp snapp snapp snapp**
****eyes blurrred****
this is the outcome. :)
thats me and my beanie, got my hair colored the other day. they had to remove my hair color twice before applying the brown.

i'm growing out my bangs...

me taking a picture with doris while she's busy putting up the blog about our place.

her and the laptop. and the dirty things lying around our floor. muahahahha~~

see why i need to grow my bangs out? pimples are getting baaaad. due to stress, weather change and the food i always eat.. but i'm going for a diet!! a detox maybe, or a revitalising process.. or wadever...

my pretty green nails.... nail polish is available from elianto (all over malaysia i know for sure) not in edmonton though.. boooo..
have not taken pictures like this for a loooooooong time.

my haircut..
another angle.. pretty much the same but shorter.. but if it was to be compared with my hairstyle last time. its a biiiig change.

messed up fried hair.

a sweeeeeeeeet photo to end the blog post. muahahahha~~~ this is shot # 300 (good enough? maybe not.. i need to learn how to photoshop)

Friday, September 28, 2007


i am extremely busy.
extremely tied up.
with school.
with classes.
with homework.
with reading.
with assignments.
with mid terms.
with work.
work. work. and more work.
its sad to announce that i had to return my laptop because it was defected.. and there's no more the same model that i LOVE so now i gotta wait. *sobs*
its sooooooo sad, postponed my purchase of ipod.
postponed almost everything!
i changed my phone cover though.
its GREEN... hehehehehe...
and my nails are green too...
and my hair is green too.. lols
im just kidding.. i colored my hair to an extremely warm brown.. and there's a lighter patch on my bangs.. near to blonde. but its not. i guess this is the nicest cut and colo so far that i experienced!
happy mooncake festival!
i totally forgot about that...
it's Fall now.. will be Winter soon..
omigosh omigosh.
hope it doesn't come that soon...
and i think this is the millionth time im saying this.. but....
i need to get on working! working out i mean...
need to start jumping into that mean cold pool to swim swim and swim some more!
my school's pool is ready to be used.. and im really really really really excited!
and if my friends are reading this.. will you guys please let me know where you're studying, what course you guys are doing, and how long is it gonna take you?
cos i'm planning to finish my year... in my first year bachelor of science. and go to toronto do to 18months of a dental hygiene program.. and then! i can go back to visit!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

i got what i want :D

i bought my laptop.
i bought a very pretty laptop.
i bought the laptop that i wanted.
my laptop is white!
i bought 2 pairs of shoes today.
they're so pretty.
they look the same.
they're different colors though.
i bought my laptop bag.
its BIG.
i can fit everything in it.

i remember how when i just came everything i saw i always said 'i want'

now i got what i want.

i want an ipod.
i want a camera.

im putting it in my wishlist.

teeeheee heeee...

did alOOOOOOOOOOt of shopping lately.

i am getting my hair colored again.

Monday, September 10, 2007

excitement no more.

my eyes are half wide opened. i can't imagine how it's going to be 3 weeks down the road. anyways... school has already started and its a great start its just that juggling 3 jobs is a lil difficult with a full load course. THERFORE, before anyone starts to nag, i've taken the smart solution which is to quit one of my jobs. Then i wouldn't be as tired as how I am right now.

So many things happened in so little time. My grandma passed away last week, and I didn't know what to do but to look for my sister. But then I found her friends instead, and we just ended up sitting in the cafeteria talking and waiting. Well now that she's resting peacefully, I would want to still go back to visit her. I miss my family alot too.

School isn't as tough as everyone told me it would be, but it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Chemistry is crazzzy.. its almost everything that i have in my notes from Dr. Lee, I better do well in that course or else I should kill myself. xo

So i am thinking, what else is new? besides living at our new place now, my new job is rolling on fine... Doris is getting a cellphone!! finally!! and we found new friends to hang out with :)

We went grocery shopping the day before school started and our fridge is well-stocked with loadsa loadsa food i'm wondering when we'll finish it. hahah!

so i guess all the excitement i had for school is gone now, it's time for me to brush up and focus! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

oh yeah btw btw btw! i bought two new jackets.. one's scottish printed and one's cashmere colored.. and they're beYoutiFull!!!!! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eyewear Consultant.

have you ever had that exciting feeling when you would smile like a retard when you're walking, in the bus, opening the door, finding food to eat??

that happy feeling would make you feel sooooooooo good you wouldn't even mind passerby's listening to your awful singing and your horrible dancing?? well.. i did!

it was my off day on that particular thursday where I had to go to IKEA to make sure that we'd get our furniture or else we'd have to sleep on the floor and eat on the floor til it arrived.. who knows when cos my mastercard did not go through! so on that particular Thursday I got the payment settled and also the delivery date confirmed.. then being it a bad, cold summer.. I did not have the mood to shop although it was my off day.. so then I thought I would go to Kingsway for a walk since I haven't been there since I last purchased my two very cool hats..

It was that particular Thursday I passed by Lenscrafters.. I thought of just going in to look at the glasses and maybe getting a pair of glasses if it wasnt tooo expensive to start off my new semester this September.. then at the window I saw the most exciting post : Now Hiring, inquire within.

WALAUEHH!!! my face lit up and I was like jumping up and down!! (well i almost) went it and looked for the Manager, I asked what positions were available.. then I told her HOW MUCH I LOVED BEING IN AN OPTICAL SHOP. muahahhaha.. she loved me.. and I wanted to get that job right on the spot! but i had no resume with me.. so she (Michelle) told me to go in the next day at 930am just before my shift in EvelineCharles at 2pm ( oh yeah.. btw, i'm working in teh central booking center for all EvelineCharles location.. no longer in the academy.. the environment is different.. and I'm not sure whether I'd like it for the long run)

So then i went to Kingsway again the following day.. got my telephone interview, got my application forms filled in.. got my interview with the GM Michelle, and the Retail Manager Amber.. and YES!! i got the job!!

boon boon you must be soooo proud of me! i told them my manager back in Malaysia trained me both in retail and in the lab.. were they impressed!! :D Maybe you should write a reference letter for me.. so they know HOW awesome this assistant manager was.. muahahha...

so Today was my first day of Training with Lenscrafters, got a few more forms filled in.. and started my training on the computer.. learnt alot about diversity.. and how it is increasing in the world today. so the thing i learnt was : Treat others how THEY want to be treated. because the world today belongs to people from different backgrounds and not ALL people wants to be treated like how YOU want to be treated. the KEY to success!!

anyways, i learnt more about the company.. yada yada yada.. and I got a tour around the company.. they have 5 stations where the consultation of frames are done.. two stations to adjust frames.. and two pickup corners.. the manager room, locker area, staffs bathroom, staffs lounge.. and the LAB!! (boon boon I saw the gravel maker!! wooohoo!! and so the guy that brought me around, Sam, told me that we had plastic lenses and polycarbonate lenses.. ) no wonder its better than the ones in miri lah.. :)

The thing that is weird is that they don't make rimless glasses.. they have to send it off to Toronto to be made.. probably cos its polycarbonate and you get all that icky compressed plastic coming out.

well, I'm loving my new job. I'm the eyewear consultant aka frame stylist aka sales associate!


If you happen to be reading this blog and you are in Edmonton, and you need glasses.. look for me!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my new job title.

so.. August 4th was the last day I worked as a GSR.

now I'm the call center operator... of EvelineCharles Salons & Spas.

Thought it was going to be easy.. noppppe.. not at all!

I haven't been taking any new shifts from Shaw Conference although I know I need to because I'm still in that 3 months thingy hoping to become a #1 sooon~`so I'll get more money, so I can work less hours.. wahahha..

Back to the call center, we have a new system upgraded into the whole company... and it's just driving everyone crazy because alot of merging and double bookings are made automatically by the system which is NOT supposed to be happening..

I really wonder how people create systems.. y does it have to be sooo complicated? can't we just make it easy as 123.. or xyz? its more complicated than physics or chemistry itself whereas its supposed to just be a very very simple item.

oh well, i'm sure everything's gonna be fine when I go back to work on Friday.

I'm liking the fact that I get to sit while I work in the call center though, lols... though I miss it alot out in the academy.

So happy I got to see Dana again, her and her crazy blonde hair back from NewYork. I bet it was a fantastic trip.

We're gonna have our Hudson's Thursay with Brenda, Charissa, Janet, Lisa and Cassandra tomorrow!! hopefully!!

as for our moving process, its funny how its almost 10 days of me n Doris in our new place.. but we haven't slept there AT ALL!!

still waiting for our furniture from IKEA, this is driving us nuts. oh gosh can't they just charge everything on our Visa and Mastercard and let us get down to decorating asap?

I'll need to bus all the way to South Edmonton Common again tomorrow and make sure that everything is settled. make sure that they deliver all our stuff when we're free and when they can make it.. moving aint easy~~

problems we are having with moving:

1. place too small for us to each have a full size bed, but i guess a twin would do..

2. clothes split at two places makes it crazy for me to look for clothes in the morning.

3. the blowdryer is at the new place!!!!

4. no shoes at the old house.. sometimes i have to walk to the new house to change my shoe in order to go to work with color coordinated shoes.. wahhaha..

5. haven't been doing proper cleaning.. so both places are getting dirty!!

I need to get the gym and pool access key asap so we can use facilities that they give us asap!! wooohooo!

thought of the day:

Its funny how Doris and I used to have nice long black hair, now its just gone CRAZY!!

I noticed how I always begged summer to be over cos it always made EVERYONE so hot and caused us to have only a few hours sleep.. now that it's really over :( i'm sad and scared of freezing to death.. sobs.... its getting cold again.. needa use lotion daily just so our skin wont crack and bleed like how humpty dumpty fell down from the wall and broke and died.. wadever~

Monday, July 30, 2007


Doris got a haircut, and an awesome color...

done by John Guest, one of the members of Vidal Sassoon's Creative Team.
So, I secretly badly wanted a haircut for myself too.. :)
MY NIGHT BEFORE THE CUT PICTURE at Joey's Tomatoes eating some crazy spicy noodles.

It drove me nuts so while I was working and she was in that show, Ashley asked if I wanted to be his model for his cut.. wooohooo~~ Jumped at that chance.. and tada!

Ashley is the creative director of Eveline Charles Salons & Spas. Where I work :)
He helped part of my coloring also leh...wahahah..
and.. I met alot of the EC Cutting n Coloring Crew from Vancouver, Calgary, and other Locations. There was Gino (guy that did the makeover for CNTM), Carol, Cyndi, Roy, Brent, Kirsten (she did my color) and loads more ppl.. it was a busy week for me but everything went pretty damn well :)
Well, seems like I didn't go through a very drastic change.. but they fixed and customized a haircut for me and my flat head. Now my head is flat-no-more. muhahahahha..