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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I found L.O.V.E

Love at first sight. HOT.

and he's mine now. I'm happy. =)

I am now.. in a relationship. with my korean boy. *LOVES*

Monday, November 9, 2009


ahhh :) best google doodles ever. I love this week.

1. Big bird popped up and I was like OMG!!! (Then I was praying to see ELMO)

2. COOKIE MONSTER!!! (GREAT, but no ELMO yet...)

3. Bert and Ernie! (funny duos.. WHERE'S ELMO???)

4. Oscar the Grouch (yah... no more Elmo *sobs*)

5. ELMO!!!!!!!!!!! (awwwww.. so cute!)

6. Count von Count. (ah! ah! ah! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! ah! ah! ah!)

7. The whole family *loves*

I love Sesame Street... I love Elmo.
Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street <3

FML moments.

I think I'm just goingto use the sametitleoverandoveragain because FML moments keephappening. (i tried to clean my keyboard today so i took every single key and and cleanedthem, gotthe dust out... but now my spacebaris effed so it doesntwork every singletime :( )


During the cleaning.. i lost 3 keys.. well not the key but the white part that connectsthe key to the keyboard. I lost CAPSLOCK,F1,and my letter_for_ueen,_uiet..._ua...manirememberplaying scrabbleandthosewere the wordsthati alwaaaays made. :(

AndI brokethe bone to my pause key too. FML

thankgodforebay. foundsomeoneselling the keys for adollareach.whichisnt toobad :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FML moments.

I wanted to cook two eggs so I could put it into my salad. Tried the 'smart' way. Put a tissue into the rice cooker, added 2 drops of water into it and cooked the eggs. Turned out that it wasn't cooked yet. So I put the eggs into my microwave for 2 minutes. It exploded after 20 seconds. FML.