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Friday, June 18, 2010



I will update that religiously now on. I promise :)



Friday, March 12, 2010


fun times.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


donnabong... china boy.. sa sha fen bu qing chu!


Friday, February 19, 2010

end of reading week.


This week, I:

1. Went to Marmot Basin, Jasper to snowboard (will post that soon)
2. Went to Snowvalley, Edmonton to snowboard (will post that soon)
3. Went to Whyte Ave, and bought a new jacket and new bindings!! and new shoes (will post.. maybe)
4. Waxed my board, sharpened my board.
5. Went to Boston Pizza for lunch for Dee and Dor.
6. Went to Boston Pizza for dinner with Michael, Hung, Dee, Naty and Anthong
7. Exchanged my jacket for a BRAND NEW ONE :)
8. Will get new bindings :) again. this time for Dor because SportChek is just that awesome with warranties.
9. Got my Angel Card fee waived. no more bills!!!
10. Realised that Student Loans DID give me all the money.. and I uh, spent it all :(
11. Cleaned the washroom.
12. Cleaned the apartment.
13. Did my laundry

I'm going to Fernie, BC Feb19-21.. leaving today at around 5.30pm! hehehehe. SOOO EXCITED!! I'm going to snowboard.. it's all about snowboarding this week. soo insane. So Dor picked up snowboarding faster than me.. her second time and she knows heels, toes, and turns :( bahhhh.

Things I still need to do:
1. Assignment
2. Review Audio Lectures.


soooo much school stuff to do. I must complete it today!!!

I will post my snowboarding pics soon.. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lin Go

Lin Go. or Nien Gao. :)

Happy Chinese New Years!

I spent the day at home.. sleeping.. recovering from snowboarding. LOL. like usual.. and cleaning.. then we went to Aunty Magie's for dinner and we watched the winter olympics. So sad Canada got 2nd in the women's alpine skiing... THEN we went to Mary's place.. watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. it never gets old :) the guys played poker.. and then we went home. It was a good day.. though it would of been better in Miri. OH WELLZ. :)

NOTE: I've posted some pictures of that day..

(gigantic grapes)

(food Auntie Magie cooked)

(me and Christine)

(Bong and Bong)

(wonderful people)

Mary's place after...
(more food)

(Carmen and the guys playing poker)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.
I must not miss home.

I have 3 more midterms to go. I must not miss home.

edit: one midterm down. 2 to go. staying in the library all night. how wonderful, everyone is talking like they have nothing better to do but to stay in the LIBRARY to talk. rant over.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Year of the Tiger

One thing I learnt from the CSC Banquet that I attended was that Tigers and Horses are compatible this year <3 and I'M NEITHER (K I'M NOT MAD BECAUSE I'M NOT A HORSE NOR TIGER I'M MAD COS MY POST KEEPS GETTNG MESSED)

It was held at Cha for Tea Palace on the west end of Edmonton. Hung, Dee, Cindy and Long and I went in one car. We weren't too sure who the remaining 5 strangers were gonna be (because we didn't buy a full table) but when we got there it was set in tables of 8s and Dee's friends joined us! YAY!
There was a Lion Dance... very nice very nice.. but not as advanced as Malaysian Lion Dancing.

There was LOTS of food. VERY NICE VERY NICE. so much that we tapaoed and I got all the food. BAHAHAHA. I do live with Doris without our parents okaay? and no one wanted it too. T.T

There was a birthday going on at the same time. heheheh, I met up with Justin, and Eileen and Chris and it was Justin's 21st birthday (and 2 others) so there was a cake/cuppycake cake for him and we sang happy birthday! He was quite surprised :)

There was a magic show by Kent Wong, two time international winner.. lols. We kept analysing his magic tricks. hahahaha, everytime he did one we would applaud, and then our table would try to figure out how he did it. Overanalytical anal kids. I bet he hated us. When he threw the deck of cards over to our table I wanted to catch it but then I ducked. BAHAHHA, so Micheal got it.

There was an afterparty at Empire, a huge club at the west end as well, but us being good students headed home since it was midterm week :)

Overall, I had a great time. Eating food, laughing.. taking pictures.
(caption: our 50-50 tickets. no one won though T.T)

I've been noticing lots of Mirians updating their Facebook status saying that they're going home :( It kinda makes me sad :( I wish my family was here... waaaaahhh. k enough ranting it's the new yearss geeez donna. bahaah.

Have a safe journey home everybody and gong xi fa cai! hong pao na lai!

ps: I know how to curl my hair LOTS better with a flat iron now! *applauds* picture of mee hair!

pps: I still <3 like snowboarding (dammit 3rd time editing this post. WHAT is wrong????)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Las Vegas 1

some pictures from Las Vegas. a little late, but whatever.. heheheh, I've been snowboarding alot lately and I'm loving it more and more. I'm going to buy wristguards and a helmet and some oakley asian fit goggles. hehehee.

MONEY please????? <3

Thursday, January 7, 2010


LOL, I always read Timothy Tiah, Xiaxue, Audrey, Jessica, Cheesie's and Kennysia's blog it's like my daily routine to click click click the links on my blog to read theirs because they update like OMG so often!

TimothyTiah is the one that relates to his readers most... I noticed. LOL. so he was going to post his next post on questions that we wanted to ask him about. and I sent a BIG question in. LOL. and he answered it. LOL. Made meeeee day. muahahhahahaha. okay back to watching my youtube shows. HAHAH

oh yeah. something totally unrelated. Since last term, I had this one girl in my class(es) that would SNEEZE like a muther******** crazy mad woman like it practically sounds like she's screaming. The whole class (min 180 students) would stop writing or the prof would stop talking for the 2 seconds. MAD.

ANYWAYS she's in my classes AGAIN this term. And LUCKY me I was actually sitting next to her in my Anatomy class. FML. She sneezed so loud I actually jumped in my seat a little and was awake for the rest of the class. OMG. Please use tissue. ugggghhh

Thursday, December 31, 2009



I have not updated for a while..
I got into my studying mode and focused, well tried super hard to focus on my finals. and MEH. let's not talk about that.

I'm so excited 2010 is here. NEW BEGINNING everyone loves that.

I'm liking the fact that my new term will begin and I'll have a whole new chance on boosting up my GPA. really wanna get into Optometry, and I need to start shadowing too.

I went to Las Vegas from Dec 21-Dec 25.. and it was awesome. Will make a post on that soon.

AND THEN when I came back me and Doris went mad shopping and I bought a snowboard that I've been eyeing since a month or more ago but they didn't have the length that I needed. BUTTTT when Tony, Doris and I went to another location they had it!! So now I have a snowboard. HEHEHEHEHHEHE. <3

I went snowboarding on the monday (Dec 28) and THANK YOU HUNG, NATY and ANTHONY!! I know how to get up from my snowboard when I fall now, and move.. properly.. I'm still learning but I'm loving it. Going to Jasper with Amanda and her friends January 22-24 to snowboard.

(my snowboard design upclose, my snowboard.. and my snowboard.) :D

Finally, one of my life goals achieved. HEE HEE.

anyways, I'm gonna keep this short. Doris and I are going to work at Shaw Conference tonight, there's a NYE party and we get to make money. =D

Happy New Years and stay healthy!! <3

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I found L.O.V.E

Love at first sight. HOT.

and he's mine now. I'm happy. =)

I am now.. in a relationship. with my korean boy. *LOVES*

Monday, November 9, 2009


ahhh :) best google doodles ever. I love this week.

1. Big bird popped up and I was like OMG!!! (Then I was praying to see ELMO)

2. COOKIE MONSTER!!! (GREAT, but no ELMO yet...)

3. Bert and Ernie! (funny duos.. WHERE'S ELMO???)

4. Oscar the Grouch (yah... no more Elmo *sobs*)

5. ELMO!!!!!!!!!!! (awwwww.. so cute!)

6. Count von Count. (ah! ah! ah! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! ah! ah! ah!)

7. The whole family *loves*

I love Sesame Street... I love Elmo.
Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street <3

FML moments.

I think I'm just goingto use the sametitleoverandoveragain because FML moments keephappening. (i tried to clean my keyboard today so i took every single key and and cleanedthem, gotthe dust out... but now my spacebaris effed so it doesntwork every singletime :( )


During the cleaning.. i lost 3 keys.. well not the key but the white part that connectsthe key to the keyboard. I lost CAPSLOCK,F1,and my letter_for_ueen,_uiet..._ua...manirememberplaying scrabbleandthosewere the wordsthati alwaaaays made. :(

AndI brokethe bone to my pause key too. FML

thankgodforebay. foundsomeoneselling the keys for adollareach.whichisnt toobad :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FML moments.

I wanted to cook two eggs so I could put it into my salad. Tried the 'smart' way. Put a tissue into the rice cooker, added 2 drops of water into it and cooked the eggs. Turned out that it wasn't cooked yet. So I put the eggs into my microwave for 2 minutes. It exploded after 20 seconds. FML.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I just love this version. It's sooo much better <3