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Monday, October 6, 2008

My Update.

I received a message from Bernard today =)
My London more like my UK Trip is planned out!!!

So I will be visiting 6 places... If there are any suggestions on where I could go while visiting the 6 places do let me know. My trip consists of London - Oxford - Cardiff - Liverpool - Manchester - Sheffield. OOOOOOOOOOO~~~ So excited. LOL!

Two weeks should be fun~ and expensive. Thus all the saving that I'm doing now will come in handy.

Just finished 3 midterms in a day on Thursday, that was super duper intense. Two more to go in two weeks so just gotta take it slow.

Something fun is gonna happen before I go to London too, I'm gonna go bungee jumping with my coworkers. MUAHAHAHHA.. so exciting.

PS: My 200 dollar textbook finally came in handy. I have the whole textbook in my laptop now. So all I have to do is read from the web. MAN. I could of NOT purchased the textbook, purchased the code, and still have the same things. OH WELL. Good enough that it's in my laptop so I don't have to drag my textbook around the college now. =) YIPPEE!

Gotta fix the whole new skin that I have for my blog. So cacat one. LOL

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