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Monday, October 5, 2009

new blog layout

Back to the basics.

How do you like it? :)

I'm planning to put a WHOLE bunch of links on my blog that way it'll be super easy for me to get to websites I always go to. AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Tried studying on Saturday. Tried studying on Sunday. World's worst distraction = myself.

I watched 3 Korean Movies.. omggg I love Korean guys. hahahahha

this is (me, Catherine, Amila and Tanya - my ecology partners. We went on aquatic and terrestrial fieldtrips.. and now we have a research together.) I thought I'd post something 'related' to school.

Aneeeeways. back to my books :(


Alison Ong said...

did u watch the korean 'city hall' drama? i like it so much!! watch it ya...

Soundnous said...

SWEET you have a blog, too! That's awesome. I just got a blog this evening. It's at
Check it out? Please?

marry said...

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