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Monday, November 9, 2009

FML moments.

I think I'm just goingto use the sametitleoverandoveragain because FML moments keephappening. (i tried to clean my keyboard today so i took every single key and and cleanedthem, gotthe dust out... but now my spacebaris effed so it doesntwork every singletime :( )


During the cleaning.. i lost 3 keys.. well not the key but the white part that connectsthe key to the keyboard. I lost CAPSLOCK,F1,and my letter_for_ueen,_uiet..._ua...manirememberplaying scrabbleandthosewere the wordsthati alwaaaays made. :(

AndI brokethe bone to my pause key too. FML

thankgodforebay. foundsomeoneselling the keys for adollareach.whichisnt toobad :)


Chris Tine said...

i spilled milk on part of my keyboard n now i cant put my ALT back. I dunno how to connect the white part back onto the key board.
And also, i always see ppl type it but i never know wat it means.. "FML". Does that stand for F* my life? LOL

Donna Bong said...

Lol yes it does christine.. eff my life.

Well take another key off your keyboard... carefully.. and look at it and then you'll know how to install it.. the smaller piece goes in first, then the bigger one on top.. then it kinda clicks.. then jab your ALT right on the retainer.. and you're good.