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Thursday, January 7, 2010


LOL, I always read Timothy Tiah, Xiaxue, Audrey, Jessica, Cheesie's and Kennysia's blog it's like my daily routine to click click click the links on my blog to read theirs because they update like OMG so often!

TimothyTiah is the one that relates to his readers most... I noticed. LOL. so he was going to post his next post on questions that we wanted to ask him about. and I sent a BIG question in. LOL. and he answered it. LOL. Made meeeee day. muahahhahahaha. okay back to watching my youtube shows. HAHAH

oh yeah. something totally unrelated. Since last term, I had this one girl in my class(es) that would SNEEZE like a muther******** crazy mad woman like it practically sounds like she's screaming. The whole class (min 180 students) would stop writing or the prof would stop talking for the 2 seconds. MAD.

ANYWAYS she's in my classes AGAIN this term. And LUCKY me I was actually sitting next to her in my Anatomy class. FML. She sneezed so loud I actually jumped in my seat a little and was awake for the rest of the class. OMG. Please use tissue. ugggghhh

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