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Monday, June 18, 2007

everything's good.

It's such a good day today and I'm happy that it is because I'm in a very, very, very happy mood!~

1. My class registrations are all complete!! (I just hope someone is gonna drop out of Chem 101L so I can register for that.. lols!)

2. Doris is finally gonna come back!! Her flight is gonna arrive edmonton at 5.58pm. Though I won't be at the airport to see her, I'll be at home waiting for her! (presents!!!!! *jumps up and down*)

3. My scholarship plan is completed. Now all I have to do is go to my bank and get ANOTHER direct deposit form, put everything in the envelope... send it off.. and wait for MONEY!! $$$$$
(My first and second direct deposit form was for my two jobs, gosh I love money.. haha~)

4. My room is very very very very clean.. and I have everything in order, so when Doris comes back.. we can go out right away, OR work on her dirty laundry first.

5. I got to SWIM again TODAY!!! wooohoo!! haha~ that's like my little heaven, jump into the pool, and just keep swimming laps til my face is hot red. Then I'd soak up in the hot tub.. for bout 10 minutes.. then run into the steam room for another 10 minutes. (sYok ahh~~ ) hahaha~

It was father's day yesterday( HAPPY DADDY'S DAY!) and I was supposed to go to church BUT I accidentaly slept in.. did not do that on purpose, I was sooo ready for church but I only woke up at 10am.. and everyone was gone by then. So I woke up, made myself a really yummy sandwich.. and went to SWIM!! Then Sarah called me and asked if I wanted to go to her house for a bbq, uncle and auntie was already there.. so OFF i went! I had a great time there.. playing with little Jayden. he's a hyper but quiet little boy.. compared to my cousins.. haha~

It's gonna be Christine's birthday tomorrow and we're going to Shogun!~ I'm so excited!! I'm excited for everything! hahaha~~

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Alison said...

Hey Girl..
Jus get to know u got a new blog!! How's life going on... Miss you a lot !! Hardly see you online huh..

Do keep in touch and I missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you so much