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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day!

I know.. i said that i would be blogging..

but life gets more and more interesting each day that it doesnt make me wanna blog. i'm just not a very consistent blogger.

anyways, check and you will see loads more pics and stories bout wads happening here in edmonton.

i just HAD to blog about this very very very very important information today:

Dr. Draw is FABULOUS! they are the coolest and ever ever ever amazing band i ever heard so far.

It consists of an electric violinist, and electric harpist, a keyboard player, a drummer, a bass player, and an award winning guitarist!

Its a must see and listen band.. so so so cool. :D..


today they were playing in the city hall and i got to take pictures with them! omg!

will post it very very soon..

oooh yeah, i met my Grade 2 best friend on friday night and it was awesome.. we last met in grade 2. imagine that :D sweet eh~

i guess there will never be any regrets coming to edmonton to complete my studies and to get a degree.

kay, so friends.. ive decided that i'll do dental hygiene. and believe it :D

it will take me 1 year for pre-requisites, 3 years for my diploma, and 1 year for my degree = 5 years in school.

i'll enjoy it. i definately will :D

and when i work, i'll be rich! and yay!!!

it will be celebration time!


Mingming said... is interesting becoz im back!!:)

Chill Jill said...

Hello! I don't think you remember me, but I used to watch you do public speaking and debate. I really admired your style back then.. what was it... 3? 4? years ago?

I found your blog through some random blog jumping. Good luck with it!

Donna Bong said...

wow~ haha~ of course i remember you!! well yeah keep in touch!