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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my new job title.

so.. August 4th was the last day I worked as a GSR.

now I'm the call center operator... of EvelineCharles Salons & Spas.

Thought it was going to be easy.. noppppe.. not at all!

I haven't been taking any new shifts from Shaw Conference although I know I need to because I'm still in that 3 months thingy hoping to become a #1 sooon~`so I'll get more money, so I can work less hours.. wahahha..

Back to the call center, we have a new system upgraded into the whole company... and it's just driving everyone crazy because alot of merging and double bookings are made automatically by the system which is NOT supposed to be happening..

I really wonder how people create systems.. y does it have to be sooo complicated? can't we just make it easy as 123.. or xyz? its more complicated than physics or chemistry itself whereas its supposed to just be a very very simple item.

oh well, i'm sure everything's gonna be fine when I go back to work on Friday.

I'm liking the fact that I get to sit while I work in the call center though, lols... though I miss it alot out in the academy.

So happy I got to see Dana again, her and her crazy blonde hair back from NewYork. I bet it was a fantastic trip.

We're gonna have our Hudson's Thursay with Brenda, Charissa, Janet, Lisa and Cassandra tomorrow!! hopefully!!

as for our moving process, its funny how its almost 10 days of me n Doris in our new place.. but we haven't slept there AT ALL!!

still waiting for our furniture from IKEA, this is driving us nuts. oh gosh can't they just charge everything on our Visa and Mastercard and let us get down to decorating asap?

I'll need to bus all the way to South Edmonton Common again tomorrow and make sure that everything is settled. make sure that they deliver all our stuff when we're free and when they can make it.. moving aint easy~~

problems we are having with moving:

1. place too small for us to each have a full size bed, but i guess a twin would do..

2. clothes split at two places makes it crazy for me to look for clothes in the morning.

3. the blowdryer is at the new place!!!!

4. no shoes at the old house.. sometimes i have to walk to the new house to change my shoe in order to go to work with color coordinated shoes.. wahhaha..

5. haven't been doing proper cleaning.. so both places are getting dirty!!

I need to get the gym and pool access key asap so we can use facilities that they give us asap!! wooohooo!

thought of the day:

Its funny how Doris and I used to have nice long black hair, now its just gone CRAZY!!

I noticed how I always begged summer to be over cos it always made EVERYONE so hot and caused us to have only a few hours sleep.. now that it's really over :( i'm sad and scared of freezing to death.. sobs.... its getting cold again.. needa use lotion daily just so our skin wont crack and bleed like how humpty dumpty fell down from the wall and broke and died.. wadever~

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