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Monday, July 30, 2007


Doris got a haircut, and an awesome color...

done by John Guest, one of the members of Vidal Sassoon's Creative Team.
So, I secretly badly wanted a haircut for myself too.. :)
MY NIGHT BEFORE THE CUT PICTURE at Joey's Tomatoes eating some crazy spicy noodles.

It drove me nuts so while I was working and she was in that show, Ashley asked if I wanted to be his model for his cut.. wooohooo~~ Jumped at that chance.. and tada!

Ashley is the creative director of Eveline Charles Salons & Spas. Where I work :)
He helped part of my coloring also leh...wahahah..
and.. I met alot of the EC Cutting n Coloring Crew from Vancouver, Calgary, and other Locations. There was Gino (guy that did the makeover for CNTM), Carol, Cyndi, Roy, Brent, Kirsten (she did my color) and loads more ppl.. it was a busy week for me but everything went pretty damn well :)
Well, seems like I didn't go through a very drastic change.. but they fixed and customized a haircut for me and my flat head. Now my head is flat-no-more. muhahahahha..

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