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Sunday, October 28, 2007

i turned 40... no 60 years old.

yeah... and so i turned 60 years old today.

its the halloween weekend and everyone has something to do.
here i am.
all alone at home. sleeping through the night.

had plans with friends to go to their house for a pumpkin carving gathering...but i couldn't make it cos i had assignments and reports to do.

i feel like an old grandma... well at least im warm in the house with a big warm hoodie n sweat pants.

i hate the weathers. it makes me feel tired n sick. how i wished it'd be spring or fall.. even summer is tolerable now i guess..

gonna have a steamboat dinner tomorrow which i realllly am excited to go to~ get me to meet aunt n uncle again n play with mashi! (white bunny)

aunt cindy i s back from malaysia too.. hope she had a great trip.. can't wait to get my things from her too..

will be going out with debbie this week to do some shopping.. and to congratulate her for doing such a wonderful job keeping her n little darren together :D

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