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Friday, October 26, 2007

dum dum dummmmy

so glad i was early for my chemistry class today,
had a chat with the girls from my class.. and I realised that dental hygiene in u of a actually takes up the same amount of time as in toronto! hahaha~
dummmmy betul

anyways.. i applied for u of a..
first of all, if im in the program, i might be able to head for a degree..
second of all its like $12000 cheaper!

and i thought $36000 was a good deal for 18 months. muahahha.. i'm so happy that i realised this in time.

deadline for the application was November 1... so i'm actually 4 days ahead! lols~


just keep your fingers crossed that i'll be accepted and hopefully HOPEFULLY courses i took in Malaysia will not be equivalent to anything here so they wont use that to transfer my credits. cos i need AWFULLY goood, no.. EXCELLENT grades to get in.

*i hope i hope!*

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