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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada's Day

It was Canada's Day yesterday.. and for the first time in three celebrations I didn't have to work at all. I slept in... went to West Edmonton Mall with Brittany hoping to see her cousin in action in ice hockey.
(kids playing hockey)

Unfortunately we missed it, but we did do some shopping at Urban Planet (there was a buy one get one for a dollar sale!!!) went for lunch at the foodcourt and we took a photobooth picture at fantasyland.
(britt and I at fantasyland)
(Britt and I. our little sketch portrait)
Then we went to the legislature for the rest of the afternoon. Hung out with her friends (funny people) Ryan, Brian, Jessi, Glen, Calvin... and Doris and Kevin came too =)
(weird how my little room could fit so many people)
(one of the funny pictures we took)

They played frisbee... I sucked so I just sat there and enjoyed the sun. Then we saw the most amazing fireworks. THEY WERE HUGEEEEEE.


Happy Canada's Day.

(I need to get all of my school stuff done by this month or else I'm dead.)


garrylin said...

hey.. try posting bigger pics.. though they look nice small.. but they'll look clearer if they are bigger.. thats the whole point of getting huge mega pixels!

And i wonder wat it's like to lie down on those grass... hmmm... too bad, Malaysians like to spit around... Yuck...

Donna Bong said...

hey gary, thanks for the pointers. i just thought because i had so many photos.. i didn't really want people to scroll til their hands were tired. LOL. but yessss i will change it.

its awesome being on teh grass. no pee, no bugs.. and ITS DRY. hahahaha