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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Lab Days <3

This week was super exciting for me, as I got to start working in the lab. I'm still doing the retail part, the eyewear consulting.. but I am also a Lab Technician now. WEEEHEHE!!! I'm sooooo pro~

Day 1 in the Lab:
Haley taught me how to set lenses at the right inset, up/down... how to differentiate lens, how to plot its axis, how to protect the lens, and how to WAX it. yupp. you wax lenses. AWESOMEEEE! Then I learnt how to clean the polisher. oooo so much to learn. I already knew how to clean chucks and laps, so I did that. =) It's so different being in the lab.

Day 2 in the Lab:
Learnt some very very interesting things about progressives, how we induce prism in them. How thats done to make it cosmetically more attractive. I also learnt on how base curves run. AWESOME. (Ed taught me that)

Day 3 in the Lab:
LOVE IT. I surfaced two sets of progressives today. Had some help with the generator (Haley) and that was it!! I ROCK!!!! LOL
( I got a raise! hehehehe~)

Eyewear Consultant & Lab Technician.


Anyways, I went to classes today.. and everything is going well for me. I had my courses up to date assessed and I'm on the right track! I'm looking at a Biological Sciences major and a Physical Sciences Minor.. sounds pretty awesome hey? OR I could do a Microbiology specialization... I'll see =)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like life is good :)
I'm glad you're such a lab rat now... you and Sean can be best friends! ;)
Haha but it does sound like fun!
Keep up the good work!