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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Update.

Lets see, where should I start? I'm going talk about my days... but I'll backtrack it. So I'll write my most recent days... then just keep writing about the days before, before it. geddit geddit gedddit?? hahah...

I think the days before that was all the same. Oh yeah.. I sent my camera away because when I take pictures.. with the flash. Smoke comes out and it smells like it's burning. Pretty crazy. So yeah.. no pictures til mid-september. *tears*

August 19 - Tuesday.
Work. Lab. Lunch. BLAH.

August 20 - Wednesday.
Work. Lab. Life. BLAH.

August 21 - Thursday
DAY OFF!! WOOOHOOO. Ever sooo happy. I love my days off. Lets see what I did. I woke up, went to Shaw Conference to hand in my Police Clearance Check receipt, got money back... then went to Kingsway for my dental appointment. Apparently my teeth is considered clean.. hahahah.. OH YEAH!!!! THE DENTIST ASKED IF I WANTED BRACES!! HELL YEAH!!!!! hahahaha, going to go for my consultation eventually. Hopefully I get to wear it for 2 years.. and HOPEFULLY it won't be expensive. Very expensive accesory you knowwww.. Then I sent my bicycle to City Centre... hoping to get it tuned up, but the tech didn't finish it on time. Went to watch Sam get her haircut... then went for bubble tea... then went to do some glasses shopping... then went Cycling... from her house to my house. HAHAHAHHA. Then we went to Domino's Pizza for pizza.. brought it over to Kevin's place. IT WAS a gooood night. =)

August 22 - Friday
GOT MY GRADES!!!! I EMAILED my professor to ask him for my results. I ACED IT!! AHa AHa. I like it~~~ I got a friggin A!!! *celebration*

Work like usual. had a VERY VERY VERY good breakfast: 3 eggs, 4 toasts, baked beans and ketchup. HAHAHHA. then I had nothing else the rest of the day. Worked in the lab, it was crazy busy.. so I was sooo focused on working that it was almost time to go home by the time I was tired. well I was tired all day. I got a bloody nose at work because the lab was too heated. Too hot for a nose like mine. Went home, met up with Britt, saw her new room. lots of gerbs. crazzzzy. went on a car ride all the way to south edmonton common thinking that wal-mart was 24/7 but apparently it wasnt. Got lost.. had no idea where we were going. I had a nuggets meal from McD that night.. around midnight. It was awesome. Drove around the city then went home to sleeeep. Got a manicure done and I painted my nails pink. It's ad-or-a-ble.

I have crazy memory. I remember what I did. CRAZIER thing is, I remember my clients. This guy came in.. and I was like.. he was the guy that went to Europe for 6 months. hah! stuuupid girl. Why do I remember things like that.

August 23 - Saturday
cycled to work <3 good times at work, not super crazy busy.. then came home.. got ready for Levina and Joe's wedding... went to the wedding, had super good food. lots of pictures. (unfortunately not with my camera) met Claudia and Alex and Cindy and the husband after sooo long, good times good times. Then I went to Suede Lounge for Larissa's 23rd birthday (sobs. no pictures). Home. My hair looks crazy. hahahahah.

I hate having cash. I end up spending it all. :(

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