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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New New Bicycle.

So I was mentioning that I had exchanged my bicycle. I got a baby pink helmet too BTW, and I got a gel seat for this bike.. so my ass doesn't hurt as much. HAHAHA. I love it so far, rode it all the way to U of A, to work, and went for a 2 hours bike ride with Leanne. That was pretty insane. =)

My bike from 2 different angles.. Don't you think the baby blue is pretty???

I finished my summer term already. DAMN. 800 dollar course just like that. I only used my textbook 3 times, less than an hour each time, and it costed me 90 dollars. *sobs* I'm gonna sell it. Someone better buy it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~
ps: I rocked my finals. I'm preeeeeetty sure I did super good. HAHAHA, better get a friggin A++++ this time rather than that big F the last time. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyways, gonna try to work hard core for the remaining two weeks, make some decent money hopefully so I can continue to pay off my credit card and tuition. AH life of a student. How pathetic.


ahem` said...

I miss cycling!! That's a really pretty bike ;) Good luck with the results hey!

Donna Bong said...

thanks! hahahahh. I love it. but sometimes i get a little lazy to ride it. BLAH.