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Monday, November 5, 2007

hate the weather.

its SO cold! :(

i just feel like hiding under my throw and my blanket and under a thick thick hoodie with sweatpants and the thickest socks available. and just sleep. *whines*

its tooo cold for me to handle. i don't think i'll make it through alive. *omg*

this is just the beginning of winter... and it'll take a month or so to get used to, and after that you will be fine- uncle Lai. *waaaaad* one month. i'm gonna dieeee!

well anyways, I'm gonna go snowboarding!! hahaha~ i know it's cold, but I just keep thinking about that everyday.. and that keeps me alive I guess. Nov 24, significant day.

there are a few goals i need to accomplish before i turn 21, and snowboarding is part of it. gotta get a few days off from work tooo..

Nov 23 would be me and Doris' baby sister's bday party... loads going on in November...

mummy's bday,- sang happy bday to her last night throught the webbie, it was fun.. hehe~ and we took our family pics through the display.. hahah~ very very interesting

little daven's bday... - gotta make him know that he shouldn't spend his money like how i spend mine.. gosh im bad influence.. he's just spending and spending and spending..

midterm to come on Thursday(chemistry), a paper to hand in this Tuesday(english)

this is the student life that i had always been wanting. now that i have it, i just wanna scream and run home and hide under my blanket cos.... i'd like it if it wasnt as cold as it is now. BOO!

so yeaaah.. enough ranting bout the friggin weather. back to my beloved pride and prejudice.

ps: i hate applying to uni.. its ripping me off.. 20 dollars for this.. 20 dollars for that... addduhh~

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