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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Birthday Wishes.

March 1st 2008.

Amazing and crazy day.

so many of you celebrating your birthdays!

To my awesome and favourite aunt! Happy 25th Birthday!!!! I love you~ :)

To Garry my buddy for 9 years (WOW)
wow, if I was back in Miri... I would um... COOK and plan your birthday for you. (Which means everyone would end up eating out... hahah~)

To Raeanna my new new buddy.

Happy Birthday Girl!
I hope Gucci gets better. Ain't that the best wish ever? :)

Hope you guys eat your cakes... gain your calories... and work them off!

Wish I had this cake.. then I'd wish for that car... then I'd be everywhere... Miri, KL and Edmonton :)

Have a wonderful birthday and have a blessed and healthy year!

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