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Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Update.

I feel like some kind of cheap papparazi... Updating whatever that I want to. LOLS. the best part? I'm gossiping about me. LOLS!

Anyways, these are just some pictures me and Doris took while we were at the LRT station supposedly going to the bars... B U T. . . 'someone' forgot to bring their ID with them so we had to go home because that 'someone' was so prepared except that she forgot the most important item. I guess sometimes when you're drunk that gives you a better reason to forget things. But forgetting things when you're sober is just plain silly. xD

a picture I 'tried' to take without Doris knowing... but I held the camera in front of her for like... 3 minutes? Just 'cos I wanted to get the right angle. haha~
some weirdo pictures we took while waiting for the LRT.
yea~ that's Doris. & yea~ that's my sister. my older sister. & yea~ I'm 20 so that makes her older. haha~
the fall!
walking on air!

snapped some photos of myself while she was on the phone.....
and again...
and again...
and again.


and that was our night.

I'm at home with my lappie.
She's out with her friends.
I have work tomorrow at 9.30am and I'm tired and exhausted like an old pig.
She's just gonna sleep in.
What a life :(

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