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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Life.

The Sad Clown.
How ironic.

Is that me?

What is life? What is it about? Why would things never come to a happy ending? Why does it have to end like this?

I'm frustrated. I'm sad. I'm lost in my own world.

Why do I have to understand things first? Why do I have to be thoughtful? Why does the whole thing come back to me?


I just want to live life like everyone else. No one will understand me. And I don't expect anyone to. Just don't put the blame on me. And let me be me. Because I never did and never will be able to.


Anonymous said...
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-pEi- said...

hey dear,
be tough..
i may not be the one who understand u the most but i will be there for u whenever u need someone...
cheerz up...

garrylin said...

A quote that has brought me thru a lot of obstacles:
"Whatever your pain, There will always be sunshine, After the rain. Perhaps you may stumble, Perhaps even fall, But God is always there, to help you through it ALL."

Somehow, Donna, Life has its ups and down, we may not see why and how it happen. BUT one day, we will see and know why it happened. Cheer up~ :)