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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love saying.. I'm going to school, instead of I'm going to college, or I'm going to the uni... oh well..

anways... just trying to get everything set up for school, making sure all subjects are registered under professors that gets the highest ratings.. lols.. for easiness and all. muahahah...

hopefully my schedule will work out good, i noticed that this year I've gotten a little smarter.. not putting classes back to back. that really drives me crazy.

I'm excited for school!!!!!

Our rent went up.. and we might neeed.. actually... we NEED a new place to move to. :(
I don't feel like moving in between the whole school year, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

It's my day off tomorrow.. and I hope I get my BIG to-do list accomplished!

and like Pei Pei.. picture of the day:
me at The Bank Ultralounge :)


-pEi- said...

haha girl...u slim down??
it seems like u r slimmer then the previous pic i saw
anyway u r still that pretty
keep it up!!
miss ya

Donna Bong said...


no i didnt get any slimmer.. man my mummy would be so much happier! lols