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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Update.

Have not been updating the blog since Shirley and Sam's bday.. it's almost ANGIE'S birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I made some big life decisions lately...

1. I decided, and I thought and I am sure that I am going to pursue optometry. Gonna try my hardest to get there... and I know it's gonna be my lifetime goal. I better be Dr. Donna Bong by the time I'm 28. ****.

2. Decided to put away all my Malaysian clothing and wear Canadian made clothes. LOL. I guess and I decided to not be Fobby and to blend in with the society I'm in. Time to Load up on all my hoodiesssss.. expensive maaaaang.

3. Decided to spend 200 a month on food and clothes. I hope that works.... Well let's see how August turns out... well maybe 200 a week... I don't know. Keep my fingers crossed, this might work out.

4. I'm gonna start cooking more at home. I better start cooking more 'cos I'm already sick of resturants and fast food... Had congee today.. and it was awesome.. although there was this MAIN ingredient that was missing.. and I still don't know what it is.

I went camping about a month ago (July 11 -14), Aunt Magie said it was gonna be the cheapest kind of vacation.. turned out wrong! :( I sunburnt my face and my hand and my arms (which never ever happened in Malaysia cos I tan fast).... and had to spend money for facials and more creams... aiyaiyai.

Went to my first wedding in Edmonton.. and it was awesome.. wish i could of attended Boon Boon's wedding as well though... there's another wedding coming up in a couple of weeks... so that's gonna be fun as well! Gotta start shopping for clothes.

I'm super duper duper excited about school.. I hope everything turns out well. I already got myself a co-worker + study mate + driver + friend = Sam :) hahahah.. We better work our asses....

6 years to being an optometrist!! wooot wooot! (and that's if everything goes well) :S

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