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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Update.


*thunder* yes! i heard the thunder.. yes... may there be rain and cool the crazy city down! :) yum yum~~~

oh yeah.... forgot to say... that i got my new glasses!!!!!!! so happy... i have one more pair that i need to get.. but i don't know what i want yet... i've got my prada.... now the dolce & gabbana's... lols~ whooopi~ either Bvlgari or Chanel or Versace..... dunnnno yet.. whhooooopi!

and and and and and.... i've been making super yummy brownies.. but i think everyone is sick of it already.. gotta learn something else.

and and and and... go to and look at this CRAZY video of my friend speaking MALAY. like holy crap! i need to buff up.


-pEi- said...

oh my god my dear...
surprisingly to see my blog on your site....

garrylin said...

OMG! DONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it oo long time we haven't chat that you forgot how spell me name?!!! IT's G-A-R-R-Y DOUBLE 'R'
The link! It's written Gary!
SO Sad! So Sad! So So Sad!
by the way, save up la... dun spend so much on spectacles~ i mean get one decent one okay liao la...
We want to see u soon! save up!