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Saturday, June 27, 2009

my girlie day

today was kinda random.. because we didn't really plan this, i met Amanda at work and I told her that we needed to hang out so she told me to go shopping with her so she could get all her Australia prep done. Leanne texted me for movie and dinner so we combined it together and BAM! girls day out =)

Got a whole bunch of stuff for Amanda, her purse, luggage, bikinis, board shorts and poor Leanne was waiting for us at WEM while we were still at Kingsway. She bought lots tooo. LOL.

Gave them their little gifts that I got from Malaysia..
anyways I'm gonna post up pictures that we took. Super hilarious. Tried facebook but UNFORTUNATELY it wouldn't upload.

spot the difference? amanda can drive without her car keys. HAHAHAHHAHA

amanda with her new luggage to Australia. LOL. her High School Musical bag. LOL

We had dinner at Elephant & Castle... before watching our movie. 'The Hangover' is awesome. Definately recommend that. LOL

Then we headed back to my apartment, and took some pretty re-tarded pictures. LOL. Awesome day I sum it.
(Posing in my hallway... kinda...weird. My neighbour saw us. LOL)

And of course. The TRIOS.

on the other note:

ps: Amanda lost her phone today, and we found it at Kingsway, at the Mall Security. (talk about random) Leanne bought Vietnamese springrolls and sweet potato fries from the Works (yum to both) Amanda is reading TWILIGHT!!! wooohooo!!!!

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