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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My new beginning.

09.09.09 yo!!! LOL

It's a new day... It's a new day...

I'm officially a university now. (pros: sounds pro, cons: expensive, lots of people=STRESS)

There's soooo many people in each class. I felt like I've been sooo baby'ed when I was at GMAC. Oh well, life goes on.

anyways I thought I'd post something since it's 090909. LOL.

I got a free t-shirt today by applying for the university credit card. LOL. ALL FOR THE FREEBIES!!!

Free hot dogs (it was still cold... bahahahha), I'm so lucky to have Catherine.. we figured out our way to our Ecology Lab, SIGH more projects for the term.

GOTTA WORK MY ASS OF THIS TERM!!! I need to continue to rock my GPA!

update for friends back at home:
what I've been doing lately? SLEEPING LOTS. like LOTS. I would sleep after eating. It's soo bad.

Miss you guys!!
(me and my new shirt) LOL!

oh yeah, my book sale went pretty well, sold off most of my books and made some money for my 3rd year books. $800 for this term. Donations anyone??

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