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Sunday, September 20, 2009

my twin?

Meet her. She's Alyssa. I just met her and Aileen said she's my twin. I see some 'resemblance', like what Francis said. LOL.

So we talked. She's 22, I'm 22. and we brush our teeth the same way. BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA
That's about it. LOL.

BUT this was weird. hence we took pictures of it. We both had bandaids on our ankles.. from the new flats we both had. BAHAHAHHAHA.

Weird eh?

ps: I'm definitely the XL and she's the S. hahaha.
pps: I got my canon camera back.. BUT it's still smoking. SIGH. I'm gonna demand for a new one. ARGH.

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dav said...

Tat girl is prettier....