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Friday, February 19, 2010

end of reading week.


This week, I:

1. Went to Marmot Basin, Jasper to snowboard (will post that soon)
2. Went to Snowvalley, Edmonton to snowboard (will post that soon)
3. Went to Whyte Ave, and bought a new jacket and new bindings!! and new shoes (will post.. maybe)
4. Waxed my board, sharpened my board.
5. Went to Boston Pizza for lunch for Dee and Dor.
6. Went to Boston Pizza for dinner with Michael, Hung, Dee, Naty and Anthong
7. Exchanged my jacket for a BRAND NEW ONE :)
8. Will get new bindings :) again. this time for Dor because SportChek is just that awesome with warranties.
9. Got my Angel Card fee waived. no more bills!!!
10. Realised that Student Loans DID give me all the money.. and I uh, spent it all :(
11. Cleaned the washroom.
12. Cleaned the apartment.
13. Did my laundry

I'm going to Fernie, BC Feb19-21.. leaving today at around 5.30pm! hehehehe. SOOO EXCITED!! I'm going to snowboard.. it's all about snowboarding this week. soo insane. So Dor picked up snowboarding faster than me.. her second time and she knows heels, toes, and turns :( bahhhh.

Things I still need to do:
1. Assignment
2. Review Audio Lectures.


soooo much school stuff to do. I must complete it today!!!

I will post my snowboarding pics soon.. :)

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