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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Year of the Tiger

One thing I learnt from the CSC Banquet that I attended was that Tigers and Horses are compatible this year <3 and I'M NEITHER (K I'M NOT MAD BECAUSE I'M NOT A HORSE NOR TIGER I'M MAD COS MY POST KEEPS GETTNG MESSED)

It was held at Cha for Tea Palace on the west end of Edmonton. Hung, Dee, Cindy and Long and I went in one car. We weren't too sure who the remaining 5 strangers were gonna be (because we didn't buy a full table) but when we got there it was set in tables of 8s and Dee's friends joined us! YAY!
There was a Lion Dance... very nice very nice.. but not as advanced as Malaysian Lion Dancing.

There was LOTS of food. VERY NICE VERY NICE. so much that we tapaoed and I got all the food. BAHAHAHA. I do live with Doris without our parents okaay? and no one wanted it too. T.T

There was a birthday going on at the same time. heheheh, I met up with Justin, and Eileen and Chris and it was Justin's 21st birthday (and 2 others) so there was a cake/cuppycake cake for him and we sang happy birthday! He was quite surprised :)

There was a magic show by Kent Wong, two time international winner.. lols. We kept analysing his magic tricks. hahahaha, everytime he did one we would applaud, and then our table would try to figure out how he did it. Overanalytical anal kids. I bet he hated us. When he threw the deck of cards over to our table I wanted to catch it but then I ducked. BAHAHHA, so Micheal got it.

There was an afterparty at Empire, a huge club at the west end as well, but us being good students headed home since it was midterm week :)

Overall, I had a great time. Eating food, laughing.. taking pictures.
(caption: our 50-50 tickets. no one won though T.T)

I've been noticing lots of Mirians updating their Facebook status saying that they're going home :( It kinda makes me sad :( I wish my family was here... waaaaahhh. k enough ranting it's the new yearss geeez donna. bahaah.

Have a safe journey home everybody and gong xi fa cai! hong pao na lai!

ps: I know how to curl my hair LOTS better with a flat iron now! *applauds* picture of mee hair!

pps: I still <3 like snowboarding (dammit 3rd time editing this post. WHAT is wrong????)

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