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Friday, September 28, 2007


i am extremely busy.
extremely tied up.
with school.
with classes.
with homework.
with reading.
with assignments.
with mid terms.
with work.
work. work. and more work.
its sad to announce that i had to return my laptop because it was defected.. and there's no more the same model that i LOVE so now i gotta wait. *sobs*
its sooooooo sad, postponed my purchase of ipod.
postponed almost everything!
i changed my phone cover though.
its GREEN... hehehehehe...
and my nails are green too...
and my hair is green too.. lols
im just kidding.. i colored my hair to an extremely warm brown.. and there's a lighter patch on my bangs.. near to blonde. but its not. i guess this is the nicest cut and colo so far that i experienced!
happy mooncake festival!
i totally forgot about that...
it's Fall now.. will be Winter soon..
omigosh omigosh.
hope it doesn't come that soon...
and i think this is the millionth time im saying this.. but....
i need to get on working! working out i mean...
need to start jumping into that mean cold pool to swim swim and swim some more!
my school's pool is ready to be used.. and im really really really really excited!
and if my friends are reading this.. will you guys please let me know where you're studying, what course you guys are doing, and how long is it gonna take you?
cos i'm planning to finish my year... in my first year bachelor of science. and go to toronto do to 18months of a dental hygiene program.. and then! i can go back to visit!!!

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Alison said...

hey.... Post your photo!! I wan to see ur new hair color!! OK!! Miss you!Love ALison