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Sunday, September 30, 2007

My current hair cut and color.

So... up came the mood to start practising how to take pictures by myself.. took my sister's camera.. and started taking and taking and taking and taking
*snapp snapp snapp snapp**
****eyes blurrred****
this is the outcome. :)
thats me and my beanie, got my hair colored the other day. they had to remove my hair color twice before applying the brown.

i'm growing out my bangs...

me taking a picture with doris while she's busy putting up the blog about our place.

her and the laptop. and the dirty things lying around our floor. muahahahha~~

see why i need to grow my bangs out? pimples are getting baaaad. due to stress, weather change and the food i always eat.. but i'm going for a diet!! a detox maybe, or a revitalising process.. or wadever...

my pretty green nails.... nail polish is available from elianto (all over malaysia i know for sure) not in edmonton though.. boooo..
have not taken pictures like this for a loooooooong time.

my haircut..
another angle.. pretty much the same but shorter.. but if it was to be compared with my hairstyle last time. its a biiiig change.

messed up fried hair.

a sweeeeeeeeet photo to end the blog post. muahahahha~~~ this is shot # 300 (good enough? maybe not.. i need to learn how to photoshop)

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