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Monday, September 17, 2007

i got what i want :D

i bought my laptop.
i bought a very pretty laptop.
i bought the laptop that i wanted.
my laptop is white!
i bought 2 pairs of shoes today.
they're so pretty.
they look the same.
they're different colors though.
i bought my laptop bag.
its BIG.
i can fit everything in it.

i remember how when i just came everything i saw i always said 'i want'

now i got what i want.

i want an ipod.
i want a camera.

im putting it in my wishlist.

teeeheee heeee...

did alOOOOOOOOOOt of shopping lately.

i am getting my hair colored again.


Anonymous said...

heeey big spender.
you spend soo much money donnabong. more than me! And i think i spend alot. anywhoo what color are you dying your hair? and you got two pairs of shoes that are the same but different color???? .. oh donnabong. lol
lets study together<3

Alison said...



Donna Bong said...

who is the anonymous? yesss..

spend.. spend.. spend some more!