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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I... am just mean.

i'm being mean lately.

i'm being very very mean.

i just don't feel like talking since i have to talk all day at work.

maybe i should just get a job as a librarian. so i wont have to talk.

i dun think anyone will understand me. how i hate talking... how.. well i do love talking.. but i guess i like alone time too..

i like being alone in my own world.. i think i have a lil' bit of that.. (ANTM contestant has that disease) where you just find it hard to relate to society and to social around.

i seriously am losing my sense of social..

i dont think i find it a point to do so.

whats the point of making new friends when the old ones are just as good?

whats the point of making new friends if you don't plan to be nice to them or vice versa?


well, im being mean to my sister too..
i'm just being a pain in the ass..
i think i would talk to her more if we were friends. then we can hang out on certain days.

i dunno..

im just mean.

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