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Thursday, November 8, 2007



i just realised i hardly fill in questionnaires.. since i just finished my midterm.. i'm gonna do some just for the hell of it! :D

Whats my typeee? *dreams*... *grin*... *drool*

1. What kind of boys do you like?

this i would make a list! :D
i like guys with:
that perrrfect body u just wanna run over and hug.. lols~
a great smile..
a great sense of humor..
a smart brain... and a brain.

2. Confident or shy?
Shy.. so i can bully them.. lols

3. Cute or cool?
if he's cute... that means he's cool..
if he's cool.. means he's not cute but omg gaga!!!

4. Chinito or big eyes?
wad is chinito? nawp dun like big eyes... i like eyes that are just perfect with glasses and perfect without glasses.. lols

5. Friendly or picky?
Friendly dammmit.. lols~ who'd want a picky little shit?

6. Fashionable or casual?
Casual - laid back.. but able to dress up on occasions.. like most days.. muahahha

7. Interesting or funny?
Funny... and interesting..
If he's just interesting... he could get boring.. lols

8 . Mysterious or out -in-the-open?
hmmmm... out in the open!!! i dun read minds!

9. Intelligent or witty?
dun think this would be a choice..he should come in both.. lols~

10. Rich or middle class?
it doesnt matter.. as long as he doesn't use my money.. cos i need to spend... ALOT.. hahaha

11. Romantic or buddy type?
Buddy typeeeee!! nah.. romantic.. cos i've got tons of buddies

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