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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Shoes.

It's been a while since I blogged.. (apart from posting my pictures up yesterday because I was procrastinating)

Anyways... few updates.
1. As you saw from my last post, I got new shoes again! :D My first pair of white flats.

2. I am technically and officially broke... so I'm gonna stop going out at night.. no more dinners... no more shopping sprees.... till I earn my X amount back.

3. I am on a DIET!!!! Since I've been taking my nutrition class... I noticed how unhealthy my eating habits have been... because we can't cook... so I'm taking healthy steps to fix this.
a) I ordered Herbalife~ (guys if i succeed you guys should take it too)... been taking this since Monday it's going pretty well so far..
b) Been trying to cook.... I ordered a healthy chicken wrap on Monday, had salad on Tuesday, and I fell asleep yesterday so I didn't eat my lunch or dinner.. oops~ and I am having an awesome bowl of soup right now.
So just to jump out of topic... my soup looks weird.. and it tastes weird.. but I finished it anyways after adding tomyam in it. hahaha~ There's four cubes of tofu, two eggs, a can of corn.. and lots of water. muahahaha~ Talking bout eating healthy. This is sick people food! :( I wish I could make that corn soup mummy makes.. I need to get that flour... whatever it is.. to make the soup gravy-ish.
c) Basically I've cut out my fast food and my chips and my cookies from my diet. Meh.. kinda sad to not have cookies and chips... but whatever that works~ I bought 2 dozens on Krispy Kreme doughnuts from Calgary and I guess Doris has to finish it.. or else she should share it with her friends.
d) And.... I probably would go swim more... If that means washing my hair and damaging it more.. I'll do it! As long as I have time for it.

4. Midterms coming again... and I am soooooo addicted to Facebook especially "Friends for Sale". I should never add any applications!

5. I need to do serious catching up with work, and homework and finish my research paper in time! I need to make sure that I'm doing whatever it takes...

and so my chemistry & chemistry lab & psychology classmate is applying for Dental Hygiene as well... and she got her interview scheduled already!!!! :( I didn't get one yet.... I hope it comes soon. *crosses fingers*... *and toes*

or if everything doesn't work out my way... then I shall plan something else. I shall plan what courses to take for the following Fall. I kinda wanna take physics and calculus and re-challenge it. I think if I pay attention... I hope U of A did not add my GPA from my STPM. 'cos if they did I'll know why I'm screwed for life.

aneeeways... I'm doing well apart from ALL that.

Life has gotta work out for me someway. I should probably be able to find that happiness and success before I turn any older than I am right now!


chung said...

weii.. no blog dedication for me leh... hahah... :(

chinadoll said...

awww. donna!!! i saw u!!! heheheh.. find you at pheobe's blog. it's amykoo. can i link u? and do link me too :)