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Friday, April 18, 2008

30 days til I turn 21 years old.
Some updates:
1. Chemistry's final is finally coming. I hope I do well, really wanna do well in this subject. I like the way my teacher teaches, and I'm happy with how I've been doing so far... been thinking bout doing something related to chemistry instead.

2. I'm turning 21 soon!!!!!!

3. I'll be leaving Edmonton for the whole summer. I'll be going to Denver, Colorado. Departing: 29th April, 2008... and I'll be back September 1,2008 if ALL goes well.

4. Boon Boon is getting married soon... man~~~~ jie foo and boon boon don't wanna wait for me anymore.. LOL. I hope their wedding is gonna be SUPER 'xin-fu'

5. ... umm... I'm turning 21? LOL

gotta have a party and gathering before I leave Edmonton, and I gotta get myself prepared for my Statistic's final as well... (hardly ever do I show up in class... hope this works for me).

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