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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reasons why I should go to Denver:
1. Good money
2. Good money = trip back to Malaysia
3. Good money = trip to UK
4. Meet new friends
5. Live in the states and get a BRAND new experience.

Reasons why I should stay in Edmonton:
1. Able to celebrate my 21st bday with Doris and Debbie and Christine and my other friends.
2. Co-workers at Lenscrafters loves me... and I love them too.
3. I love my job at Lenscrafters.. was always my dream job anyways. Why leave in the first place? I was nuts.
4. Able to attend Mary's wedding.
5. Able to attend the award gala.
6. Able to apartment hunt with Doris.
7. Able to keep the normal life I had since March 2007.
8. Able to discover my new loves in Edmonton.... I hope I'll get a life.
9. Easier to do things.
10. Able to hang out with my friends here.

Well, I guess there's more positive things in Edmonton.
Thus, I cancelled my air ticket.... will be staying in Edmonton for the Summer... I hope the snow disappears by tomorrow.. SO SICK OF THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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