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Monday, January 12, 2009



A post about my trip. LOL. my trip was soooooooooooo awesome.. that I'm soooooooo broke, and there's alot of pictures.. so SINCE everyone has Facebook, I've updated pretty much everything there. I'll post some highlights of my trip in London for now since everything else isn't sorted out yet.

School started, it's a pretty bust schedule, but believe it or not, I'm actually enjoying it. =)

Christmas Day: Sam and I being silly, the pictures ended up being cacat. thanks to me the klutz. LOL
While Bernard was in the washroom doing his business we took his PINK scarf and started to model with it. Who does it belong to more now? Me or Sam? LOLS
Silly pictures.... while walking down the streets of London at night.

Had breakfast in the park right next to Buckingham Palace.. these pigeons aren't scared of human beings at all. They just keep coming, especially if you have food. In the end we would try to kick them. HAHAHAHHA
Pictures taken while waiting to meet up with Linzhi.. I'm an angel to Sam and devil to Bernard. LOL

and.... I'm getting lazy again. (its 12.20am, forgive me)

LOL, please go through the pictures on Facebook. Bernard posted most of them, I'm still posting my London pictures... did not post other cities yet.. but maybe I should just share the funny stories... hahahahha.

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